Moving Back Into Being A SoulFullHeart Facilitator!

by Kalayna Solais

When I came back in the ‘SoulFullHeart door’ in January after a few months away from the community, it was on waves of newly awakened desire to BE in community, arising from the new developments and layers that had been healed within my inner world. I felt elated, relieved, SO happy to be back in sessions and to be felt in everything I had moved through and held ‘on my own’ — which was never really ‘on my own’ as I felt the Divine holding me the whole time and had so much support from everything I had cultivated within in connection to my Star Family and high-vibe Metasoul aspects in other timelines too.

I knew in my heart that this was the work I was meant to be doing, though I didn’t know yet how that would help me reconnect to the community and soul purpose work I missed so much. There was a definite void in my life and it was hard, so hard, to be with that every day, even as there were SO many new openings happening within and a solidifying sense of self that I couldn’t have found if I hadn’t been ‘away’ and holding my own process so deeply.

I knew that even though I had a passion for facilitating and heart-open space holding for others that it would likely be many months before I would find myself holding that ‘role’ again. Actually, I’ve had to learn A LOT about how this is NOT a ‘role’. It’s been very, very humbling for parts of me to realize there is NO way to ‘perform’ soul purpose, it just IS and it just FLOWS with who you are and are becoming, starting inside. There is nothing that can be fabricated or manufactured about it. No ‘image’ can be conjured. For me at least, this is what has been true as I continue to really dig deep and purify my reasons for wanting to serve love, discovering more layers as to why I’ve been so drawn to it, and to humbly accept every step of the process to embodying this!

I am deeply humbled to be stepping back into this space of being a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women once again! I truly feel both excited and sober. I get how deep the pain is for parts of you and how much longing there is to heal but also how much damage and hurt has sometimes been endured from others in the name of seeking that. I know that it takes a lot for parts of you, especially the Inner Protector, to let yourself and other parts of you be felt and held space for, to let their pain come to the surface to heal instead of just be dealt with or coped with in order to simply survive life. My desire is to help you find your own empowering and fulfilling steps into your healing that can’t really be predicted, just felt and walked out.

Feel free to send me a message if you’d like to book a session with me and/or visit to find out more information! My personal page is also back ‘up’ again if you’d like to read more about me and take in more of my energy.

Much, much love to YOU and every part/Metasoul aspect too!

Kalayna ❤

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Kalayna Solais is a SoulFullHeart Women’s Faciltator, collaborator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Video: My Journey Into Service Of Love W/Kalayna

by Kalayna Colibri

Recently, I chose to begin space-holding again after a several month break. In this video, I share about my most recent process and also about how I’ve related to service of love in different parts and layers of myself, for many years.

Sharing this video is a way to offer and invite ways to feel where you personally may also be needing and wanting to go inside of yourself as you prepare for service on this journey of Ascension. We are ALL needed to show up and bring our inner love flow to support one another and to hold space for others in their own self-discovery and healing. In order to do that, we need to plant and grow some inner love seeds and cultivate from our own journeys within.

I’m available to serve you in a Bridging Session if you are a young woman 25 years old or younger. For more information on sessions, visit: ❤

Much love!


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for women age 25 and under, energy healer, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Receiving Support, Soul Empowerment, and Your OWN Answers

By Jelelle Awen

With ALL these intense energies coming IN and being offered to you during this Now of Ascension, you may have a sense of overwhelm, confusion, lostness…and desires for more digestion, integration, and soul clarity. You may feel a strong desire pushed up to truly unanchor from 3D in ALL areas of your life and BE the living/breathing/walking around embodiment of your higher self.

Now is a momentous phase of awakening from 3D to higher consciousness of the heart, soul, mind, and body that we as a species haven’t undertaken before in one condensed timeline like this. Now is a time to seek support and a loving mirror reflection to encourage the NEXT places of growth. Now is a wonderful time to make the deeper connections to parts of your self and soul that hold trauma vibrations and karmic cycles AND soul gifts that can finally be transformed and integrated on a personal and collective level.

Coming off of my fullest week of sessions ever with some amazing women, I feel SO honored to serve love with sister souls during this time! I am struck by how much empowerment of EACH soul is wanting to emerge and lead… as a spaceholder I am just a witness and bridge for what the soul’s consciousness wants to bring through. I don’t give ‘read out’s, definitive answers and I don’t read out specific energies and frequencies to ‘tell you’ what is true about your process.

I hold space for the exploration of YOUR answers, which are there all along, once you connect to the parts of you that have them. I hold space for your self healing to activate, which is the ONLY kind of healing that actually brings lasting transformation. I connect with your Inner Protector consciously, who is often the part of you that may deflect, block, or resist deeper integration of ascension energies and the next steps due to undigested fears and not being negotiated with directly.

1:1 bridging sessions are ultimately a space of collaboration….a dance between us where I offer some intuitive guidance, compassionate support, and bridging to specific energies of parts and Metasoul aspects that I have spent over 15 years experiencing in myself and others. There is more about the parts of self and soul that we work with here:…/introduction-to-the-parts-…/

Here are some wonderful comments that I received this week after sessions:

“WOW, this work is powerful and seems to get to the heart of things so quickly and clearly! I’ve done lots of different types of healing work over the years, and this modality seems to bring clarity and understanding almost instantly. I’m very impressed and also totally motivated to keep it up, I think it’ll go quite far. Thank you, again, for being such a compassionate facilitator. Your presence feels so safe, like I said, and I’m so appreciative of the guidance and healing you offer. These two sessions have been nothing short of amazing, and I can’t wait to continue our work.”

“Thank you so much Jelelle for the session yesterday! I am a bit overwhelmed and amazed by the amount that processes. I really appreciate you support and guidance. You do an incredible job!”

“This is so fun and cathartic. I feel like for the first time I
have a clear path toward unity consciousness. And the walk along that path will be full of joy 🙂

I have openings for sessions this week Wednesday-Sunday if you are interested in spending 90 minutes in our heart space together for $77 USD min. donation. You can PM me here on FB or email me at Raphael Awen and Gabriel Heartman offer powerful SoulFullHeart bridging sessions too for both women and men. There is more information here:

Reach out. Ask for what you Need. Get Ready To Receive!

Jelelle Awen
photo is Raphael and I taking in the sunset codes

Jelelle Awen is a Parts Work/Metasoul & Galactic Aspects/Sacred Union Teacher & Facilitator, and Ascension Guide. She is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life awakening/healing process and community. She has written four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Visit for more information about bridging and ongoing individual/group sessions over zoom with her for women and other SoulFullHeart Facilitators with men and women, events/retreats, videos, books, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Masculine Space Holding For Women

Lately, I have been holding session space for two amazing women as well as witnessing other women’s processes in our group calls. This has been an interesting experience for both myself and them, especially when there is masculine wounding in the emotional body due to abuse.

What I have been experiencing with these women is a deep and profound healing between the masculine and feminine within. As a space-holder, I represent and reflect something to the parts of a woman that are in trauma. This can be father, son, friend, and/or romantic partner. I become a symbol of the masculine himself, embodied in physical form.

As I have been in the process of healing my own inner masculine, as well as my feminine, I am able to be a new presence in the experience of these wounded aspects. All of this, of course, is only possible through my connection to the woman’s Inner Protector, her inner masculine that has been around a long time in response to the patriarchal dominion.

This connection and relationship helps to bridge a relationship between you, the feminine, and the Protector. He gets to be seen and felt as more than just a tired and dutiful guard. He gets to see how he has been relating to you, how he sees you as a being. Usually, at first, they may admit to seeing you as child-like, yet capable at the same time. An interesting dichotomy that creates confusion in their ‘role’. By having this inner masculine connect to another masculine energy seems to relieve something in them that permits more of the authentic feminine within to arise.

Through this relationship, you and I get to explore the ways in which the personal experience of the masculine has created pockets of pain hidden deep in the caverns of your heart. With an open and compassionate heart, we feel where this has MANifested on the inside both in wounded feminine and masculine parts and Metasoul lives still in deep suffering. Holding a different masculine frequency from the one that has been experienced, can bring up a lot of distrust and a lot of painful memories that get to be transmuted from you to you as you hold these parts of you close and dear.

The healing moments are tender, touching, and quantum. They create new experiences within yourself and help to draw more of what you really want, need, and deserve into your life. It is a service that has been an honor to participate in and serve. It has brought a lot of gifts and a deep sense of admiration for all that Woman as held and been through. There is no sense of duty in this for I am healing that wound from my own experience. There are boundaries and loving nudges along the way.

If you feel that an open-hearted and direct masculine presence is something that is a curiosity to you and could serve a deeper dive into your healing and ascension, I am available for a 90-minute 1-on-1 Bridging Session for 55 USD. We can feel together where you are and where we may be able to go on this journey together of reconciling the masculine and feminine within.

Much love,

Gabriel Heartman

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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A Fireplace For Your Fires In These Ascending Times


So many intense reactions can be surfacing during these ascending times.  You may be conscious of their root, and possibly not.  They may live on the inside as repressed truth, or may find themselves playing out dramatically on the outside.  Either way fires are being lit as Love’s match stick makes its way into our lives.  It wants to burn away and spark UP.  Shed and renew.  Find out what is really going on in that Human heart of yours.  I see an inner landscape of multiple flames that range in small bush burnings and others as 4-alarm blazes.  This is the geography of our emotional body when left out of our own INtrospection and exploration.

Heaven knows how much I remember that.  I could feel it viscerally and was in so much desperation to find that inner fire extinguisher.  It was too smokey to see the writing on the wall that said, “In Case Of Emergency…FEEL”.  Back then, to feel meant to get burned.  It meant to go through some intensity that was not part of the desire of just maintaining some false sense of  “this too shall pass”. Not truly understanding that this was all part of the way to get to something more peaceful and less flammable.  What I really needed, and did realize it, was a fireplace to contain it all.

I am expanding on an analogy that has been used in SoulFullHeart before.  Not sure where it originated but it felt like and apt reminder to all that is happening on an energetic level.  The fireplace is the process of parts work and the intimate community that supports it.  As these fires arise and burn, the process itself is activated.  It lends a safe place for the fire to burn AS its energy is felt and released.  The fireplace can be a space-holder, a sacred relationship, your authentic self, and ultimately Life and the Divine Itself.

It is having the trust ground form withIN yourself that life is not out to get you.  That you are not a victim and that we are ultimately creating our circumstances to reflect what needs to be felt to make room for more.  It is wrapping a context around the content of the fire itself.  We suffer when we stay too long in the contents of the blaze until we become consumed by it.  We will get burned.  That may be unavoidable.  But within this container there is a time and space for this healing.  It doesn’t burn your house down.  Rugs may get scared, couches get discolored but you are left intact with another lesson, and more room to let the love that you ultimately want in the door.

We have spent so long without this environment to let our parts feel the safety and importance of this alchemical burn.  It was just too scary as we have hurt and been hurt in the process of forgetting and remembering.  It takes time to get used to for sure.  To convince the protective part of you to really feel it is safe enough to explore these fires and even light them on purpose.  To feel trust enough that regardless of the hurt and pain that may arise, a healing balm of Love is right at our disposal.  This happens in negotiation and making one courageous leap of faith at a time until it is just the way you live your life and the fires turn into passion, not pain.

If you feel interested in feeling into this fireplace called SoulFullHeart and what it can offer your deepest needs and passions, visit here.  There are so many energies coming in that having someone to feel it with you along the way provides a sane and safe place to digest it.  It is also a call to create a large community of love-hearted souls to expand this family and bring in even more frequencies that we could possibly imagine on our own.  We are going to need to do some serious remodeling of our heart space, and the fireplace that lets it all in.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Your Demons Are Angels Unheard


In this moment I feel you.  I feel you because I have been you.  There are voices, or intense energies, that just don’t seem to leave you alone. They permeate your BEing, making themselves at home with your mental body and wreaking havoc with your emotional body. You are becoming aware of so much around you. Being as sensitive as you are you pick up on it and it just finds its way INside. Sticking to the stuck places that have yet to be felt and unravel. It can be literally overwhelming. You may be even experiencing intense anxiety over what is going on inside. Wondering how you will ever get any peace of ¨mind¨. It is a daily life of maintaining your sanity in what feels like an insane world.  

The thinning of the veil is elucidating your most hidden places. The ones you thought you had under control or weren’t even aware of. The contentedness is slowly losing its hold on your emotional reality.  What I want to offer here is that there is a life-line. It is to actually go INsane.  Which in this way means to go “into the healthy”.  In our fear-sided consciousness, we have turned away from going into the deep emotional as the Holy Grail of our greatest gift to ourselves.   

These energies have been called our inner Demons.  They have felt like a haunting to some.  An intense barrage of thought and emotion that have medicated by all sorts of prescriptions, whether drugs, or sex, or anything else that has aided as a distraction.  Some may just be living with it trying to “get by” as best they can.  I want to give a voice to these “demons”, for they are actually your unheard and unfelt angels.  They have a message to deliver to you and you just haven’t had the means to be able to actually hear without being overwhelmed.

What is needed to navigate this seemingly intense geography is a container and a map.  For many men, and of course some women, there is this uncertainty and fear of going into the deep chasms of pain.  I know this one, because I have lived it. I questioned whether or not if I popped the lid open on the underworld whether would I ever make it back.  I feel how in the masculine there can be a rigidity in the going in.  Some pre-programmed resistance.  While on the outside there is an illusion of strength, the real courage comes in feeling what hurts and appears terrifying.  

Believe it or not there is a YOU there that can hold these intense energies that bring you to states of discontent and despair.  You just need someone to reflect that to you so you can feel it.  There is also separating this YOU from the overwhelm that occurring on the inside.  In your essence as Love you cannot be these energies.  You have just fused to the part of you that has identified as this.  So much that it has just felt like you.  I also want to offer that all this intensity is also not….all…yours.  You are a sensitive angelic soul that is being birthed into your true essence as these ascension codes continue to come into our energy field.  You can feel the collective ache that mirrors that which is yours, which is why it feels so HUGE to you in the moment.  

I have walked through this place a few times in my process, learning the hard way sometimes that the intensities inside are there to inform us of a deeper soul ache.  We are a fractal of a larger MetaSoul that contains the legacy of our journey.  When you are sensitive to that it can be a lot to hold and you need to be given a way to be with it.  As you grow this more solid YOU that is watered by a space-holder at first, and then by you and the Divine, you are able to hear the messages and receive the gifts of this previous hell.  

You are not crazy, or going insane.  You are becoming very sane.  You are being gifted with your soul’s calling and the messengers of Love.  You can choose what messages to take in and when, for you are the lead in this new world you will have created for yourself when you have taken the first step to go in and feel all the parts of you that have a voice, and that need you.  In session space, I hold the center for you until you are able to feel it on your own.  To feel the difference between what your true voice and energy is in contrast to the one that is not.  In time you can hold these energies and have the map by which you can give them all the love they need and deserve.  For your service they will transform from demon to angel and provide you with a portal to your beauty and power as a Sacred Human Awakening.  To feel a self-love previously unfelt at anytime this life.  To open up to new romance and a world of unending possibilities.

I know that may feel like it isn’t possible.  Again, I remember.  But with one step into trust and a desire for more than what you are feeling now, it will return itself back to you what you put in it. I know who you are and I am here to serve you the love you need to love those beautiful demons.    

If you are a man feeling this space inside yourself, or know someone that does I will be hosting a group men’s call with Raphael Awen over Zoom this Saturday, May 6th.  You can find out more here:

Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

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On The Wings of Change


There are times when we realize all the old ways of relating to ourselves and others no longer serves us in our deepest growth.  When we see this reflection, whether by own perception or the mirror of another, there is no denying that something needs to shift and change.  There is no judgement for what had been for it was all a gift to help us to our next timeline, or storyline.  There is a time for letting go and feeling the parts of us that had their investment for reasons that are honored and felt with our expanded sense of what and who we are in our heart.  Space is offered as a sacred balm to our wounded needs.  This is the process ground we inhabit in SoulFullHeart.  These words come from my own experience of letting go.  

On The Wings of Change

We write our story with the pen of our own choosing

Weaving the details from the well of our multi-layered experience.  

What themes have we chosen to continue to re-solve inside of us?  

Only to realize there is no solution, just resolution


A moment when letting go of what has played out inside of us

No longer serves our highest growth and purpose.  

The ebb and flow of plot pirouettes

Signal a moment to step outside the text box

And feel the circular motion of our unhealed devotion

To this sacred notion that we are not worth the promotion

Of Love’s infinite ocean.  

The pages of our human journey

Are bound by the collection of the illusion of time.  

Our fractured heart splinters are seeking their way

Back to wholeness through chain-linked letters

And the smudge of a tear’s free fall.  

An awareness of what can no longer be upheld

by Fear’s consequential reign.  

The pages of this worn-thin book

Are removed from the surrender into what they were truly meant to be

…the feathers of the wings of our greatest calling.  

If you are in a place where you are feeling the seeds of deep inner change wanting/needing to be birthed and are not sure how that may happen you can check what we offer in SoulFullHeart as the process by which we hold space for ourselves in times of great change.  We are all here in service of YOUR greatest calling that also reflects ours.  


Gabriel Heartman is a teacher, facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  You can learn more about him at