Practical Ascension: 7 Key Areas Of Life – Financial Area Intro

by Gabriel & Kalayna

In this video, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, discuss the financial area of life and the different ways in which we relate to it from the perspective of our 3D, 4D, and 5D Selves. There is so much projected onto money by parts of us that relate to it in many different ways, often with a lot of charge, fear-polarization, and unworthiness.

There are many different ways in which this area of life is related to and for each generation, the approach is a bit different. For Kalayna and Gabriel, their processes around money and the financial area of life have been very different yet have had some common threads. They share some pieces of their personal processes in this video, though they will share much more in the next video in this area.

How parts of us feel about and relate to money is also how parts of us feel about and relate to love. If it doesn’t feel as if it is in flow and if it feels like a tighter budget means less happiness, then there is likely an over-attachment to money representing love, self-worth, and overall abundance capacity. There is so much self-punishment in this area and acute unhappiness. To genuinely feel the true abundance of life, which encompasses and flows into all areas including the financial area, is a process of really feeling with parts of you where the focus on “lack” is rooted in your templating from birth family, friends and culture, and overall 3D conditioning. Moving more into 4D can mean more financial “crises” arising, as you choose to transition away from jobs/careers that do not match your emerging sense of soul purpose, or as life presses you into moving away from these jobs, sometimes without the open negotiation between you and your parts happening first. Ascending into more of a 5D consciousness in this area means that you are drawing abundance in all forms and do not feel an over-attachment to money as love or an expression of your self-worth. If you are in 5D consciousness while money is still necessary in your life and where you are living, there is an inherent trust that it will work itself out, that you have everything you need, and that you are willing to be with the parts of you that don’t feel this, that aren’t with you in 5D just yet, recognizing how the dips and valleys and layers of this feeling space are what offer you deeper and deeper healing and a deeper conscious connection to abundance of love at the heart of it, once the other side of the process is reached. Actually, this applies to all areas of life from the 5D Self’s perspective!

If you’re curious to learn more about how we feel about this area of life in SoulFullHeart, there are many writings on our blog: and there are other videos on our YouTube channel where we discuss and digest this topic as well.

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In this video, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, discuss the mental area of life and how we can relate to the mental body from a point of view of love, respect, and spiritual and emotional healing and evolution.

There is so much energy placed on the mind and mental-based reality filtering is lauded and rewarded in our 3D reality, often over any other sort of pursuit or endeavor. Our five senses are the accepted gateway to taking in and understanding our world and the parts of us that make up our 3D Self, including our Inner Protector, Teenager, Mother/Father, and Punisher. As we ascend and awaken into more 4D frequencies and experience of life, sometimes there is a grasping at mental-based spirituality and filtering of spirituality in order to understand what’s happening in the individual and the world too, and why. This can step on the deepening emotional and embodied spiritual experience of awakening and is often a fear-based reaction from parts who are not ready for the awakening or are afraid to let go of 3D reality.

Kalayna and Gabriel also share about the awakening 5D Self, whose reality is more about visceral experience and moving with emotions as they come up rather than rationalizing or filtering them through mental-based conclusions or reasoning. Throughout Ascension, there is more fluidity that is invited, starting within, as the healing and unification of the Self continues and more oneness/non-dual experiences that are well beyond the mind can be had.

They offer too, that the mind is meant to ‘come with us’ during this process of Ascension and not to be left behind as many other spiritual paths offer. It is a crucial aspect of helping us find and visualize what’s possible for us and what our meditation journeys want to offer and show us. Eventually, perhaps the mind as we have known it is not needed anymore, and that alone can leave parts of us feeling anxious about what that reality could mean or be like, especially as the mind and thinking has been so over-emphasized and over-energized in 3D life.

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Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life. Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. 

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An Intro To The SoulFullHeart 7 Key Areas Of Life For Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Souls Blog Series

by Kalayna Colibri


In this writing today, I want to take you with me somewhere. Actually, I’d like to set my internal compass for that, with everything I write to you from now on. So this is the invitation: come on this journey with me. See what there is for you to feel into for yourself. Everything I say to you is grounded in my own experience and guidance. This is a personal thing for me and I want to share from this place in my heart that digests and feels everything happening in my own world and then, in turn and yet simultaneously, the world around me. Nothing that I say is “Bible” and everything is “near as I can tell”. That being said, do come with me and collaborate with me! Let’s grow these ideas and experience our own growth and consciousness expansion TOGETHER!

In SoulFullHeart, there are 7 areas of life that we hold to be key for our healing and understanding of ourselves. They are ways in which we can check up on what’s going on for us and how we are relating to life and even ascension. With each of the entries in this series, you may immediately feel a niggle or knowingness of some kind and some doorway into your most inner reality that maybe you haven’t quite gone to yet. Maybe you have actually explored these places before, as I did before meeting Jelelle and Raphael and starting my own SoulFullHeart process. If you can let me, my words, and my energy in, you will be letting in a huge gust of SoulFullHeart love and support for you to continue this exploration into the depths of yourself.

As we talk about ascension, this is where the work must always begin to be on this journey in the most grounded, thorough way possible – inside ourselves. If you follow my favourite show on called Cosmic Disclosure, you will have heard Corey and David talk about this need to go inside and heal our hearts or our service to others won’t be as centered in the heart as is necessary right now. I can already feel that this is something so important to each of you taking this in… it was, is, and always has been for me too. This is why I engage so deeply in this work on myself, so that I, in turn, can serve you with love and serve love WITH you, too. What you are receiving now, is an infusion of the overflow of love coming straight from my heart, finding its way into yours. I know that it has often been hard to trust when someone says that they “love you”, especially being the sensitive, huge, inter-dimensional souls that you are, knowing full-well that sometimes we can say that to each other and not really mean it. It’s okay if that’s how you feel. Love is coming at you anyways, from me, from angels, from star beings, from Mother Gaia, and even from you and the love you are made of already.

The 7 key areas of life that I mentioned before, and that I will talk about in depth throughout this series, are: financial, environmental, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical. I will offer you some words around each of them so that you can let in how we see and feel each area through the SoulFullHeart lens, and how I feel each area applies to you as an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and/or Starseed soul. You might feel some overlap with other healing paths you’ve looked at or been on before, but you’ll also get something brand new out of the experience if you’re open to it. Actually, I suspect I will too, as this is something I’m digesting for my own healing as well. Each area can carry with it some intense challenges for us, as some of us have reincarnated many times, yet some may have not and could be brand new to life here with Mother Gaia. Some areas may also been easier for some of us than others, and we’ll have a look at that together too. As much and as often as possible, I will tie everything back into ascension, since that’s actually the main reason why all or most of us have chosen to incarnate here at this time. You’ll notice that as we ascend, there are different ways in which each area will express in our lives, and I will touch on that as well.

I am a teacher and guide yet I am also a student, and we are all big souls here, learning how to really step into our bigness and express our soul gifts from our ever-healing and expanding hearts. There are many, many places we can go together on this path, and I’m hoping to start some conversations with you who want to learn more but also with you who want to offer how it’s all been for you from your own perspective.

So, if you feel the desire, please keep an eye out for my next blogs in this series, and let’s travel inward, onward and upward together. ❤

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Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at


Premise Eleven: Healthiness And Balance Are Expressed Through Seven Key Areas Of Life

By Raphael Awen

wholepersonWelcome! It’s day 11 of the 21 day SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises Tour. As always, you can catch up on all my writings on our premises or on my FB timeline.

Today, we come to look at a true panorama, in the ‘7 Areas Of Life Premise’ and at first it might look like a mental assessment, but as we behold the view, I think you will be surprised by magic and mystery….the magic and mystery of YOU.

I’m very glad to have your presence on this tour and I feel it as so much more than us as simply a writer and a reader. We are co-creating something new in our exchange of energy together……where you, me, and the world we live in is forever changed.

This is a profound truth that it only takes one to change the world because in essence, we are only One. On a certain level, there is only one of us, and you are that one. I am that one. You and I get to play with individuality inside of our utter and complete oneness. You and I get to play with healing as well as wounding inside of our utter and complete wholeness. The outcome is so secure and only love, that we are now free to feel every insecurity and hatred that lives in us or our world around us. Our guarantee of outcome allows us to have process is how I like to feel it.

Today’s premise can help us with this. It goes like this:

“SoulFullHeart offers that the natural state of what we call the sacred human self or who we were meant to be in our authentic expression is one where all of seven key areas in our life are expressed in a balanced and healthy way through feeling your parts or subpersonalities and how they relate to these 7 key areas: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, social, financial, and environmental.”

We identified these seven key areas as a looking glass to look at our lives from a wholistic perspective. This arose from feeling how so many therapeutic and spiritual practices and healing modalities seeming to excel in some areas while leaving others unaddressed. We are identifying them as separate areas for the purpose of evaluation, but in reality, there is not any compartments that these areas actually exist in.

Compartmentalizations are just that; mentalizations of compartments that aren’t actually real. A person with cancer in their liver can’t claim that they ‘are doing just great, it’s just my liver that has a problem.’ So, we see that when one of these areas is hurting, ALL areas are hurting, because we as a sacred human are an expression of them all simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at each of them for a moment.

Emotional: What lives in your feeling body? How does it feel emotionally to be you? Is flowing self-love truly your waking reality or only a distant dream? Are there struggles with undigested hurt, anxiety, depression, shame, control, rage that trigger you in relationships with others and with yourself?

Spiritual: Do you feel loved by a source beyond you? Do you feel a part of that source? Can you access a spiritual domain that feels real to you? What about spiritual guides who long to supportively and lovingly show you the way?

Mental: Do you feel you have a mind that serves you, rather than being limited by the mental five sense reality picture. Can your mind serve you and the world around you with the creative heart and soul gifts that you have to give?

Physical: Has your spiritual focus left the body behind? Are you in love with how you look and feel physically without being into an unhealthy narcissism? Without physical vitality, can you be truly vital?

Social: Can you truly and freely be and bring your truest self to interface in your social world? How much of what you truly are is edited out of your social interface by a part of you in an effort to keep some love-crumbs in your life? How do you define ‘relationality’?

Financial: Are you able to draw what you need and want in life? Has your pursuit of money become a tyranny in your life that affects the health of all the other areas? Does scarcity or abundance reign in your life?

Environmental: Do you live in the illusion that there is any separation between you and nature? Can you feel that you are literally a part of all that is in nature. Can you feel the great struggles in nature that we are a part of as we wrestle with industrial society’s effect that now even threatens all human life on our planet?

Asking ourselves these tough questions in all of these areas allows us to see what a part of us doing life AS us, has literally put off our radar. SoulFullHeart holds that any health in one area at the expense of another area isn’t true health. Efforts and focus in one area at the expense of the other areas is a strategic compensation for unfelt pain as well as to keep the pain in the subconscious.

None of this is bad, but the loving efforts of a part of us to make life safe, when it felt anything but safe.

Through questions like these, we start with bringing pain to the surface as we are able and willing, at a pace and rate we can bear, to be with and feel that pain. Feeling our pain is what moves and heals pain.

Pain is a loving signal in a loving universe asking for our attention. Any routine to not feel pain only ensures that pain will get stronger and louder in our lives. Even perceived disasters like cancer in our body are nothing more than loving signals asking for our attention in a totally loving universe. There is nothing to conquer or beat. There are no enemies. There are only things to feel. Things like financial disaster, social collapse, our environmental collapse, a spiritual dead end, deep rooted painful emotions and reactions, are all and only things that are asking us to feel. Nothing more.

Feeling changes everything.

As you enter conscious and loving relationship with your parts and their needs, you find the door into each of these seven areas that is beyond just one more self-help project to prop up some lacking area in your life. While all of us have a leaning to improve our lives and embrace healthy change, SoulFullHeart points us to the deeper underground of what underlies the lack or habit we want to address. In this way, we don’t ‘construct’ our way to health, by adding more discipline, routine and regimen in our lives, but instead ‘deconstruct’ our way there.

We uncover the things that are covering our spring-loaded and already-present wholeness to emerge. It does take work and choice and focus, but these efforts are held in an authentic self loving deconstructive discovery picture rather than powering through another personal power routine held by a controlling part of us seeking to attain or make life safe through attainment.

A part of us can then go on to have healthy attainments to feel their new arising authentic power, but this is very different motive ground from paving over pain.

I, or part of me more accurately, was quite shocked to find that amidst my self perceived functional lifestyle and habits and disciplines, were entire subpersonalities within me that were completely in fear, shutdown and even nonverbal and preverbal contraction. I was given a way and support to meet them, feel them and watch them totally transmute. I can’t describe the magic of the unfolding and the ongoing-to-this day unfolding changes that came about as yet another part of me holding personal pain is simply felt by love.

If you’d like to talk more about any of this, I can join you probably in short notice today on Skype, or messenger. Let’s roll and see where life wants to take us. You’ve got my number, and my heart is open to you, and desiring to serve. If you’re a woman, please connect with my beloved Jelelle Awenthrough her FB and both of us via I celebrate your choice to reach out.

Why wait another minute? The point of this tour is YOU, not the tour!

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.