Waves Of Love And Support Through Timeline Collapses

By Kalayna Colibri

Collapsing old timelines takes a lot of focus. It’s tiring. It’s energizing. The experience of being ‘twired’ – tired and wired – is a very real thing!

We’re in the middle of collapsing our timeline here in Mexico while inhabiting and energizing our new timeline in Victoria, Canada. We are feeling the press of the birth canal and contractions as we follow love, service, and desire to our next destination.

We’ve collapsed many, many timelines in our lives and processes, including relationships with toxic or just non-resonant others and other geographies too. It’s never entirely easy, though there are flushes and waves of ease as the universe within and without carries you through the next and next steps.

It always amazes me how even though parts and Metasoul aspects have their reactions to change and fears around it, love shows up to support and guide, reminding you and them that you ARE loved and supported by a universe that wants you to feel its love, even and perhaps especially through the loss and letting go… the willingness to let go in order to let in, work for, wait for what and who you really want. It’s actually this process of being willing to say no and let go that prepares you to really let in and claim. So often what we really want can appear in front of us and without this preparation, we sometimes bypass the opportunity or the budding relationship out of fear or because parts of us aren’t quite ready to let in the possibility of the new.

I feel how we are all connected in our very personal ways of feeling and making choices, especially in this now moment of supportive energy and love waves. There are so many to feel through and be with. There is so much love to serve and flow with. There are ample chances to land ourselves in more love within, making choices that suit our deepest sense of well-being and necessary growth, trusting in the fact that the impact of these choices on ourselves and others does ultimately serve love… even though hurt reactions may come up and pain surfaces to be felt.

Much love to you in your own growth crucibles and the intricate web of connection we all are part of as we find our way… ❤️

Photo by Tim Marshall via unsplash.com


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Putting Your Energy Towards Creating The NEW


By Jelelle Awen

Creating the NEW takes energy to happen. It takes conscious choices in every moment….to BEcome more conscious if you have slipped out or into something of the old. Conscious of when fear is going unfelt inside of you. Bringing in the NEW to yourself, your world, is like cutting trail, bush whacking and weed pulling….it is seeing a path where there wasn’t one before and DARING to follow it without kNOwing where it is going, yet only that it leads AWAY and into something NEW.

Sometimes creating the NEW is crawling through mud, one millimeter at a time with seemingly LITTLE sense that anything is changing. The NEW beacons you on though, in these moments, it reminds you in your soul what is possible. It pings and rings of the truths that your heart kNOWs. And, at times, there is only the surrender into the collapse of emotions that have to come up and out…the fears and their tears, the substance of so many previous experiences. Holding space for these emotions to come up also creates the NEW because it cannot be paved over an undigested foundation of the emotional body. It wants to be purified as the ground is laid.

SO much energy has been invested in the 3D world….the choices to be in the ongoing experiment of it by so many souls. To BE something NEW, to offer New Earth now frequencies of higher vibrational consciousness needs a force of energy too from you. Because you are going against something even as you are just BEing in stillness AS the NEW too. It is NOT just reading about it or passively taking it in or letting your mind contemplate or learn only. It is NOT just meditating and doing yoga. It is ALSO energizing what you feel that it IS and understanding what your ROLE is in the creation of the NEW. Energizing through choices to serve self and with others. And through claiming your responsibility to heal, feel, transform, move INTO in ALL areas of your life serving love and the NEW. Making CHANGES that reflect the NEW back to you.

Parts of you are connected deeply into 3D energies…they ARE these energies, as they have had to be in order to survive here. These aspects are conditioned to be protective and guarded and to ultimately be alone and survive alone (no matter how many others may be in your life.) SO much energy invested in protection…it may be the number one energy created in 3D living. BEing with the part of you that is protective, getting to know your inner guard who is on alert at ALL times to ANY threats….allows for the NEW to come into your life and into your heart. It allows access to the Inner Child frequencies of innocence, joy, magic, self worth, connection….all frequencies that are often stuck in lower vibrations of shame, depression, sadness, shyness, flatness, lack of reverence, unworthiness, disconnect. These frequencies change as the guardedness drops more and the ALIVEness can come back in. NEW can come in from the emotional body then.

BEing the NEW takes energy to BEcome it. To experience relationships that are based on soul resonance and heart vulnerability takes energy to show up for because it is SO unknown to our 3D world. To CHOOSE these kind of relationships over those based in fear and comfort takes energy too….sometimes a whole lot of inner power and strength to let go and move on, especially when no others seem to be with you in that desire for the NEW. To choose a NEW CommUNITY, soul tribe coming together, leaving behind your lone wolf existence (even, again, if you are surrounded by other people), leaving behind being maybe the ‘biggest soul’ in the room…..all THIS takes energy.

There is SO MUCH support from the Universe and Divine Source to energize the NEW inside and with Gaia. You can re-energize yourself, fill up again by letting these frequencies of love and light into your heart and soul. By connecting with the aspects of you that are afraid of the NEW (both from this life and other lifetimes), you are able to more deeply let these PURE Divine energies in more and more, like the LOVE sponge that you ARE. As you energize this choice for NEW every moment that you consciously can (and self lovingly accept when you haven’t), you draw those souls that can support and BE with you in the NEW too. You find each other….across miles, across continents, across language barriers…..you find, discover, CREATE the NEW, your energizing of it exponentially impacted by the coming together of FORCES for change….all in service of the NEW that is based in LOVE.


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.