The Leading And Trailing Edges Of Our Awakenings

by Kalayna Colibri


Each and every time you have an awakening experience, though they are coveted and desired and often long-awaited and worked for, these experiences also carry you into a greater unknown. The whole idea of awakening is to shake something up inside, whether it moves your frequency up or drops back in inward into parts of you that need you more than ever. Sometimes awakening experiences bring us both in tandem. Sometimes we call this, ‘leading edge’ and ‘trailing edge’ in SoulFullHeart. ‘Leading edge’ is the experience of true and pure love awakening and deepening inside and feeling your actions, words, expression of you coming from a higher, less reactive and more expansive place, and ‘trailing edge’ is the opposite, or what can feel like the opposite; the parts of you coming up in reaction to the expansion, trying to close the gap between it and them, sometimes flooding you with their lower frequency wounding and reality. The main bridge between the two is consciousness, awareness that this can and will happen and that your job as an arising authentic self is to be an ambassador between the two, not negating or dismissing one or the other, yet bringing them together somehow and letting the newfound expansiveness inside to become the bigger container for the smallness, the pain, the existential terror.

I remember being quite young and awakening to angelic frequencies and love. My birth mother had given me a gift that Christmas of my first deck of Angel cards. They were simple yet sweet, not created by any well-known author or speaker. I was in my early teens at that time, or just about anyways. I remember playing with them, exploring them, reading the little book they came with. I did as the book instructed and asked a question I believe, or simply asked for guidance. I did a little spread of the cards and picked them up to read the other side. The messages that came through hit a chord of resonance inside my heart and soul, both. I felt a rush of energy move through me and suddenly felt Angels, what I called ‘my’ Angels, surrounding and encouraging me. The love I felt was so exquisite, I believe I even had tears… I remember too, that the book suggested dowsing as another method of reading the cards. I grabbed a necklace of mine with a small ring on it – a ring that had a nickname of mine etched into it and was too small for me to wear, so I had put it on the chain instead. I held it out in front of me, above my palm, to ‘tune it in’, asking it which direction it would turn in to mean ‘yes’ and which way would mean ‘no’. To my surprise, oh my God, it MOVED!! Woah!! The rush of adrenaline and excitement that followed I can’t explain in words, but it felt so powerful and I felt so powerful to be holding this tool in my hand!

After this happened, I ran to tell my mother and sister about what I had experienced. Part of me felt a bit shy about sharing, slightly worried about it being invalidated, but too excited to let that in at the time. I shared with them and my heart sank… there was an ounce of validation from my mother, who was exploring some areas of spirituality outside of the Catholic church I grew up in along with me, yet she couldn’t let it in deeply and didn’t ask any questions about it. My sister just sort of looked at me, I recall. I think she said something like, ‘that’s cool’. As my first experience of an awakening, without having much knowledge of what awakenings even were at the time, this sort of set the tone for any of my other awakenings that followed. I do not fault either of them for their reactions… their parts weren’t sure what to do with any of this and they probably both had fear and maybe even comparison come up. What I was doing was not ‘normal’ and I think it actually reflected their own capacities back to them, which of course parts, especially Inner Protectors/Gatekeepers who are busy trying to navigate the dense 3D world, tend to have big reactions to, as it isn’t exactly safe to be outside the norm in most cases.

Nonetheless, this birthed a whole world of spirituality for me. It validated so much of what I had begun to read about in different books by spiritual authors. I feel a young part of me sharing all of this, as she was the one who primarily ‘drove the bus’ on my spiritual adventures for many years of my life. Eventually, this part and I needed to separate from birth family and many other relationships altogether, as the lack of resonance hurt and also wasn’t serving my continued openings and my desire to deeply heal.

What followed was many years of seeking and searching. Being very naturally emotional and reactive and not having a container for it, no matter what spiritual path I/part of me tried on for size. I came close to some version of ‘parts work’ through one particular author and speaker who I even studied with for a while and this path was what then led me to SoulFullHeart, which I now teach and facilitate today. It took me a long time to realize that I needed to bridge to my emotional world, not try to put it away. And in truth, my parts weren’t ever going to let me do that anyway!

Every awakening I’ve had has been a mixed experience of up and down, sometimes at the same time, as I can feel my emotional body and also the wounding in my soul trying to catch up with the higher frequencies pouring in and watering my heart with so much love and dawning awareness. I invite you to feel where and how your own emotional body needs to catch up to your own awakenings and openings… to feel how your relationships currently surrounding you serve or don’t serve you along the way is an essential part of awakening and growing and healing. Every new vista invites us all to feel deeper where and who we are as well as who we want and need to become. And, they also invite us deeper into love, so we can better serve love, especially to others who truly want and need us to and are ready to let in their own capacity for the same!

Love to you in each and every moment of your awakening journey… know that my love and the love of many go into these places WITH you! ❤

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Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Integrating And Discovering Your Personal Spirituality

by Kalayna Colibri

spiritual neon sign

There’s a strong picture right now, of many souls choosing to ‘shop around’. I feel and see this picture of ‘window shopping’ when it comes to dating and relationships, yet also spirituality and a healing process. To commit to a ‘process’ right now, does not seem to be on the agenda of many, as it’s hard to see many choosing to walk through the door of any one ‘store’ at the moment. In some ways, this is very understandable, considering that many of you may have only JUST realized that you COULD choose, either because you are moving into another vista of awakening now, and/or because something in your soul hasn’t been able to let in choice in this dimension of existence.

This choosing process feels to come out of a questioning of what YOUR personal spirituality looks and feels like, and if you honestly even feel one at all right now. How does YOUR spirituality express through you, that isn’t solely influenced by culture or your friends or birth family members? In a recent session I held with a facilitant, I felt the strong influence on her spirituality in her field from her birth family especially, and realized that in order to truly experience your own spirituality and what it’s made of, you need to go inside and feel it through your heart first. In other words, it can only really be accessed by way of your deepest humanity – your pain and your joys, both. This is what helps parts and soul aspects of you collapse into your arms and the loving arms of the Divine too.

Spiritual consciousness has a collective imprint. It has fads and trends, classes and courses you can attend. It has lineages and religious beliefs too. It has impact in so many ways, many of which are positive and yet many of which that feel negative too… not ‘wrong’, just more fear-based than love-based. But what of the matters of your own heart and what it has been through and experienced in this life and with this consciousness you have now? What of the matters of your ancient, likely star-being based soul, that reaches timelines yet untouched by any part or piece of you? This is all personal with the collective woven in. And your personal experience must be experienced through your person-ness, first, by your healing and growth and integration of shadow AND light.

Greater self-permission is dawning now, with more souls and hearts longing for a personal experience as well as nondual experiences and actually allowing them in at exponential rates too. This can pop for anyone at any moment, yet it is sweetest, in my experience, if tasted through the heart while in conscious relationship with your parts and metasoul aspects too. An amazing journey of realizing THROUGH experience, not just concepts and constructs that may or may not have been lived out by those teaching you or others, is what awaits now and is a timeline already here if one decides to reach out and touch it, asking for it, wanting it more and more.

The SoulFullHeart Way of Life is a committed process, being felt and lived out at deeper and deeper levels at all times by all who are on this path. It isn’t for everyone, but it is an answer to the question of how to explore and discover your own spirituality, where it comes from and where it could be leading you. It may mean the end of the ‘shopping around’ or ‘seeking’ timeline for you, as you embrace being a student of this path and also of yourself, or it may not. It is a challenging yet beloved journey of healing and growth that goes much deeper than you may imagine just yet! To feel into this some more for yourself and see if it resonates for you, you can visit for more information. ❤

No matter where you are or who are you now, choosing to fully inhabit what feels right to you in the moment, even if it’s mostly 3D life, is a choice that can only lead to the next level of learning and growth. Going into what’s in front of you, with all your heart, or choosing something different, is within your realm of power and will pop you out into your next choice points and your next invitations for deeper inhabitation of you and everything you are and are meant to be. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at





Acknowledging, Feeling, Honouring And Healing Our Narcissism To Feel Real Compassion

by Kalayna Colibri


There are phases of very necessary self-focus. It’s good to dedicate a lot of time to personal process that has to do with YOU as your number one priority. Some of us don’t do this enough, some of us do it too much, and the balance of giving and taking is somehow very challenging to find and live into. Eventually, these phases of needing to go inward have a healthy sense of self-focus that has more of a balance of where the focus goes and comes from a growing emotional and spiritual maturity as we heal and allow in mirrors that help us map out where to go next. This takes a dedication though and the process of it all has not been shown to most of us before, so there is a lot to discover and rediscover as we go, allowing ourselves to get messy and sometimes trip along the way as the best way to learn.

Within our birth families, many of us have been the ‘black sheep’. Parts of us never felt understood and found ways to rebel. This took an enormous amount of self-care and focus, the best parts of us could conjure at the time, and necessarily so – these self-made nests of bedrooms and cozy family basements became our stages for self-exploration. We needed our forays into writing, artistic explorations, fantasy worlds, and eventually spiritual seeking and finding. We needed these phases of pushing away from the collective, from birth family, maybe even from peers and the church and/or education systems, we were wrapped up in. Parts of us started to refuse to go deeper into it… or decided to go in as deeply as possible, following along with another flavour of rebellion that may have meant following the rules only to one day snap and burn it all away. This took whatever ounces of love we could muster and find in our inner and outer worlds, drawing friendships and romances that were (and are), in the end, reflections of how we ultimately felt (and feel) about ourselves.

In order to push away from what we could feel was very much NOT us, or not what parts of us wanted to be, we had to encase ourselves in some degree of HEALTHY narcissism. This encasement may even have stretched well into our adult years, or, we had parts of us that decided to suddenly flip a switch and go far into the other direction, feeling ourselves as deep empaths that can quite powerfully feel others. Even in this though, is a layer of narcissism. There is a layer here of blaming ‘other’ for how and what you feel. There is a fixation on how ‘you’ are being affected by something or someone or somewhere, without truly feeling how and why others may be affected and that you may or may not have a part to play in this too.

Feeling and realizing this shatters our mirrors held up by our own hand, that only show us our self-made goodness, yet not the deeper, more compassionate goodness within that has true innocence and purity of intention. Our narcissism in our years of needing to rebel, needing to find an ‘us’ that could hold life, needing to navigate a spiritual path that we hope will open out to serving others, has been mostly about us and not actually about serving the world or the people in it. This is HARD to look at and feel. This is probably one of the toughest reflections of ourselves and how we’ve operated in this world to take in. True compassion, in my experience, can’t really come unless we are willing to see this piece inside of our shadows. Feeling all of this also frees us from our victimhood that again parts of us have rightfully needed to hold onto… We cannot truly find our power within unless we are willing to go here.

In terms of our Ascension, it could be that this is one of the biggest pieces for us to look at and heal with deep sobriety and dedication. If there is no interest in doing so, there is something to look at with that too, as it’s natural for our deep knowledge of our goodness to not want to have to go here, yet our ‘goodness’ can be a story that parts of us tell, meanwhile they don’t deeply feel they ARE good, until they have been able to feel the reasons why this is… the reasons why they hold this wounding. There is so much unworthiness within that this process brings us to. There are many layers here and each one brings us closer and closer to our higher hearts, our genuine Christ Consciousness, where we can and do shed tears for others, for the world, and then can bring it back inward in a healthy way too, to digest it all in authentic Divine connection and love, and in genuine soul and heart connection with others too.

Being real about not being able to feel or even care for others in a given moment, actually helps parts of us relax and can bring us almost immediately to a more compassionate place within. It also claims our responsibility and our desire to heal this block to serving and giving love. We have not had adequate modeling of how to truly be compassionate in this world. So much of it has been put on for the sake of self-image, it feels like. This has not been ‘bad’ for us though, we are just entering a phase of being invited deeper into it, to question it and ourselves more, and to really heal what we need to in order to be in LOVE in the truest sense. We already have all of the goodness inside of us that we need so as to truly feel and love this aspect of us that again has served us so well for so many years.

There is so much love on the other side of this mirror. So much love that wants to reach you, to flow to and through you. Love that wants to show itself in all of your relationships, in whatever ways it can. It is a love that is ever-purifying and incredibly deep, if only we can start to let it in and allow it to do its work. ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Poem: Letting Love

by Kalayna Colibri

Magical heart shape spiral in space fractal with particles

Interwoven heart clothes fall along shuffling feet.

Healing hands pull energetic nuances of lovely subtle flowers

and an escapee life of lush lovelorn lace and spinner lights.

It’s one place of many more magical moments to come into view of the dearest wanting pieces.

Foreign chords of many ordinary oddities bring it all back in to that rainbow of open road.

Even those sounds of the missing call the song of melodies remembered always.

An unknown toil of yet-to-be-known articles resembling the past and an ever-present presence

bringing all ebbs flowing forward in this dance of what could never be felt

until the time ticked along of the newly emerging emergency of now and instant bringings.

Take it all to the inside and outside of the corners where all stars are collected

and feel where the new-old love songs now call out to the unborn listener

of sometimes comfortable cravings still borne out to dry in the heavy lungs of the dawning days.

Love Love LOVE! is that sacred siren song of the aching breathers and reachers from the mud of what was once the only truth yet never satisfied as food should.

LOVE love LOVE! is the dance of the flying edges asking for more than they have ever known and the returning feeling that they have always wanted deep inside of the love they too are made of.

To find the way back is through each other.

To find the way in is through the self.

To find the way upward is through the press of life’s birth canals and all contractions brought by Love

inside the established ALL that forever knows the places and paces of its ongoing ringing out.

And for now and always a path is laid

for the eager and earnest to find, inhabit and become.



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at




For the Seeker


By Leena Colibri

I taste the someday
and play the tune on my heartstrings.
The candle inside glows wider and fuller
as the breezes of sacred nighttime give way to brightest day.
There is no more waiting
there was never anything to wait for.
Why start now?


It’s not your springtime next season
it’s your summer now.
Claim the void, trim the edges,
fill the feeling filings of grey and dawn and exquisite windstorms
sure to bring your seeds your way
and dance that jig of memory
and ceaseless, creaseless time
lasting for and outlasting
all you came to move through that heart of yours.

It doesn’t stop there.

Don’t you dare try. Don’t attempt it.
The waves of pearls to gift yourself are only beckoning at your door.
It is not a siren call. Oh no.
It’s better.

It gets better.

You get better as the contents of your pockets jingle and ring out, calling,
“I am you and you are me and yet I am anything but what you are choosing!
I am not you and you are not me and yet here we are in a lockstep of choice and a dance of regions in body and voice, crying as one and yet dying separately!”
The time of your life that you seek is out seeking an in to you.
Will you let it through the door?


 Leena Colibri is an apprentice facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information.

‘I seek, therefore I am’: Golden Earth Tales


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(This is Part Eight of the ongoing blog series: Golden Earth Tales.)

By Raphael Awen

Who are you, dear reader of this blog? What brings you here? I hope I am not being too forward with asking such pointed questions. Let me back up.

First, I want to thank you for being here.

Thank you for being here.

You are here with your being.

Your being, I venture to say, is seeking something. You would not be here (or anywhere else online for that matter) if you were not seeking something.

Seeking something is what makes you a you.

You may be someone who stumbled on this blog series or seen it mentioned somewhere. I welcome you here.

You may be an old friend coming to check out what I am doing, or a family member who misses me since we left off contact. I welcome you here. I miss you too. Our curiosity about each other and missing of each other evidences that we are unified in our need and desire for something. We may have parted over a debate over what particular something is worthy of seeking, but we are joined back together in the realization that we share a deep and profound commonality in that we seek.

You may be someone who feels sharply in disagreement about my life choices or what Soulfullheart is about and you’re here seeking to confirm those suspicions. I welcome you here as well, fellow seeker.

That we are all in search of something is a reality so deep that we are willing to separate over what we seek in order to insure that our freedom to seek, and to seek as we choose, be held intact.

‘I seek, therefore I am’, is our shared humanity.

I have a growing awareness that who and what you and I are is so much more than what we have even hardly begun to discover. What we call, ‘The Self’ is so vast that even our disagreements and differences are a necessary part of our journey of discovery.

I also deeply feel that this quest to know will never be fully realized because who and what we are is an infinitely expanding reality. We can grow in our acceptance of the wonder about what we are, but we will never arrive at any destination of fully knowing ourselves. We’ll have to settle for more instead of all.

As you read these words, can you feel an awakening in you of an expansive feeling of your own bigness? The feeling that you are so much bigger than you have ever realized about yourself is a challenging feeling to let in.

Your current experience of life is but a fraction of what there is to experience, and this will remain true for the rest of your life.

This points to the reason most of us fill our lives with so much busyness and distraction. Underneath the busyness is an unfelt and disturbing feeling of ‘I don’t know who I am.’ When that feeling is made conscious as well as accepted to be a beautiful part of your humanity, it changes so much about how life looks and feels to you.

Your seeking to know yourself is but a part of the universe’s search to know itself.

The love that you seek is but a part of the love that you are.

The life you seek is but a part of the life that you are.

I am one with you in that experience. I am one with you in this essence.

Here is where we are utterly inseparable.

Here, between you, me, and whatever we call the Divine, there is no ‘other’.

We are all One.

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Are You A Spiritual Student Or A Seeker?



The problem with modern spirituality is there are too few people open to truly being students and too few teachers self qualified to authentically serve them.

I spent many years as a student, dedicated and fully committed to one teacher and teaching. I didn’t realize at the time how unusual this was. They were aspects of my teacher and that relationship that ended up being off and based in shadow, just like any committed relationship has healthy and unhealthy aspects. But if I hadn’t committed myself to that teacher, I simply would not be who I am now, in the nourishing relationship that I am, and serving others through SoulFullHeart.

I’ve been offering my way of life and myself as a teacher and healer for the last few years and I’ve met many people who claimed to be ‘seekers’ along the way, initially drawn to what I was offering. Whenever someone would claim to be a ‘seeker’, I wanted to ask them, “You are a seeker? So, when will you let yourself be found?” It seemed that these seekers were deeply afraid of committing to just one thing, just one teacher and teaching. They wanted to float around and sample off the buffet bar of spiritual offerings. They wanted to read books (especially ‘best selling’ ones) or attend yearly seminars and retreats. And they expected that this minimal activity would actually bring them the rewards of bliss, joy, serenity and deep love that they felt entitled to receive. Instead of trusting their intuition that brought me to them as a teacher, they wanted someone else to legitimatize a teacher for them (a publishing company, Oprah Winfrey, Louise Hay, etc.) Popularity does not qualify a teacher and might actually disqualify a teacher, but that’s for another blog entry.

Many modern seekers seem to have a short attention span and are looking for the next shiny object to latch onto. They are a product of a modern world where facebook “likes” mean more than meaningful relationships; where spiritual experiences are expected not revered; and where negative emotions have been villianized and positive emotions over idealized. They don’t want to actually work at transformation or to feel anything negative as a crucial aspect of their growth process, so part of them projects them into an idealized place where they can claim to feel bliss and love for everyone all of the time without actually doing the work that would awaken them to a state where this might be possible.

My truth is that this is not what we are meant to experience as sacred human children of the Divine. The Divine wants to experience Itself through us, both in male and female form, and why would it only want to experience the light and loving expressions of Itself? Pretty boring, wouldn’t you say? It is both the light and dark, the shadow and the love that interest the Divine. The textures, the depths, the struggles and the triumphs, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs. A student of the Divine is a student of life in all its areas of expression and all its highs and lows. And as you become a true student of the Divine and of an authentic teacher of the Divine, then you arise into your sacred human nature which is an arising and unknown wonder that can respond to the ups and downs with an open heart. You experience deep connection with the Divine that is both challenging and comforting; catalytic and solid; full of contrasts and paradoxes and fundamentally conditional on you continuing to heal yourself.

I am a teacher because I have been a student and I continue to be a student of the Divine and will for the rest of my lifetimes. I am a teacher who deeply wants to draw true students, students who will wrap around what I have to teach and still retain their centers. Students who will surrender to learning and not knowing and, at the same time, hold that they are also meant to be teachers someday. Students who will accept the challenge, do the work, and commit to me, the Divine, and themselves. Students who will own if they feel resistance to being students and why.

Here are some more distinctions about a student versus a seeker for you to feel into:

A seeker thinks that a paradigm shift is all that is needed; a student recognizes that it is just the beginning.

A seeker is afraid of commitment; a student lets themselves be claimed.

A student wraps around a teacher while remaining in their own center; a seeker gives complete devotion to a teacher while remaining without a center.

A student allows ALL areas of their life to offer sacred experience; a seeker makes certain areas of their life more sacred than others.

A student wants to filter experience through what they don’t know; A seeker wants to filter experience through what they know.

A student admits they do not know and do know at the same time; a seeker attaches to what they know and what they think others know.

A student draws a teacher who reflects to them their own bigness, not just the teacher’s bigness.

A student accepts the light and the dark; a seeker seeks for the light while suppressing the dark.

A student feels the inner teacher inside of themselves; the seeker denies the inner teacher inside of themselves.

A student accepts that whatever they experience in the moment is the reward; the seeker justifies what they experience in the moment to receive a reward in the future.

A student is destined to become a teacher; a seeker is destined to become unfulfilled.

A student gets that being a student is the hardest but most natural thing. A seeker believes that being a seeker is easy and is supposed to be.

A student is open to their feelings as being an aspect of Divine expression; a seeker is open only to feelings that they feel as ‘positive’ or ‘serene’ as Divine expression.

A student is asking ‘who am I?’ and answering ‘I am that’ at the same time.

A student humbly understands that they are entitled to nothing but are worth having what most deeply serves them; A seeker feels entitled to manifest everything that they want yet don’t really believe they deserve it.

A student surrenders; a seeker submits.

A student is both investing and divesting; a seeker is investing looking for a return.

A student is patient, understanding it takes many lifetimes to arise and unfold and all experiences bring growth. A seeker is eager and impatient, feeling that everything they want should be given to them now and that only positive experiences are valuable.

When will you stop seeking and let yourself be found?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Who is appearing as a teacher in your life that you are resisting leaning into? If you are reading these words right now, perhaps it’s SoulFullHeart.

Visit for more about the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.