The SoulFullHeart Current Podcast, Ep. 6: Spirituality, Politics, & News Media

In this episode, we continued our conversation from our previous podcast about the False Light Matrix and turned it onto the arena of Politics and News Media. Gabriel spoke of his own personal history with politics and the news and its influence on his awakening as well as his transition into more love ambassadorship toward both. Both of us talk about how they relate to both now and how they can inform what is moving collectively and how to serve those that are directly affected by it all, asking the bigger question of what spirituality and politics have in connection to each other if they do.

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Going Yin: Writing A New Constitution From Within

So much unhealed masculine taking front stage in the collective. Maybe no more or less than in the past. It is just becoming so obvious in all the geopolitical rhetoric and turmoil. The Right vs. The Wrong. The Ahead vs. The Left Behind. The Truth vs. The Fake. It is wreaking its own havoc in the emotional and spiritual bodies of all that participate. I used to be so deeply involved in the daily mill of the Info Wars. I used to listen to talk radio programs that would send out a barrage of rage and abomination. I would end my days in my own swirl of undigested fear and anger.

This could have only happened because it reflected something in me. I was attracted to the war which parts of me were waging inside. In my disgust of all things political, there was the same disgust going on in me. This was one of the single biggest awakenings for me in my journey.

I needed to meet my inner Bully Pulpit led by the Majority Whip known as my Inner Punisher. They all existed in me…and if you feel a rage against the machine, they exist in you as well. This is an ongoing process of feeling your own personal shadow that leads to a shift in the inner workings of your emotive governance. Pulling out of the din of the 24 news cycle was a much needed Motion that allowed me to feel the reality of this landing in my consciousness and heart.

I write this as the wounded masculine finds Itself a prime candidate in a presidential role. For this is actually a gift. We get to stare right in the face of what is left unhealed in our collective heart. This is exemplified not just in the U.S., but in many countries around the world. It is a spiritual thermometer, and we have a fever.  

As those on the leading edge of a Great Shift, we have an opportunity to help heal this one by taking responsibility for our own healing. Our own rewriting of an Inner Constitution that raises the bar on what it means to have power WITH and not OVER. These power struggles all occur on the inside first. They are tender and delicate in their root. They are an abused and neglected child. A son or daughter in desperate need for a father who could love them and initiate them into a world of integrity and vulnerability. This rewrites HIStory and merges with HERstory.

Going Yin is as much a political movement as it is a spiritual journey.  It invites all of us to feel our own roles, our own misappropriations, as well as a compassion for ourselves and others. It invites us to heal ourselves out of the old and into something not new, just forgotten. We have access to our own Higher Council that lives on a completely different ground yet the same floor. I choose to be a part of this new masculine reLOVEution in the spirit of what it means to be kings of a sacred humanity.  I hope you will join me.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Spirituality And The Politics Of Tragedy

We can never truly be separate from any tragedy.

It lives inside of us at the core of our collective experience. When the unthinkable occurs, we are transported to places that we hoped we would never have to visit. The breathless moment of shock and despair. The unending questions of ‘why?’ and ‘how?’. The rage and the sickening pain. All of it thrust into what was just an ‘ordinary day’.

Seventeen human lives were ended, as well as several wounded and countless others in emotional pain after a school shooting in Florida. So much comes up in these moments that are hard to even put into words. I was guided to feel. Feel the totality of the human experience. The terror. The confusion. The helplessness. The rage and the pain. This is a representation of Tragedy itself.  Not any more horrific or appalling to the heart than any other tragedy that occurs daily around the world.

There are understandable rushes to details and blame. Questions seek swift answers and action. Our 3D consciousness needs movement and resolution to ebb the tide of the fear underneath it all. To avoid the deeper feelings inside of ourselves about what this all means.

Politics are our means to deal with it all. A place for parts of us to feel a sense of control in what was unknowable. There will be lots of details that will paint the picture and the debate will intensify.  For those who lost children there has to be a place for this all to go. I can’t blame them for that and would feel the same in their experience. Answers are needed and action taken.

But beyond the rumble of the politics is the human heart. It is shattered. It is seeking solace in a state of chaos. Its relationship to the spiritual comes into a heightened state. Where does God, the Divine, the Light, fit into all of this? Where was God? Is there a God? For many this may raise very serious doubts and for others it will send them deeper into faith, for it is the only means that can offer any breathing.  This often mixes in with politics which creates its own brand of reaction.

Why those particular lives were involved at that time and place can never be answered to the liking of our limited understanding. This a deep pain that their intimates are being summoned to feel inside of themselves and respond to in ways that they are meant to walk out. We can feel their pain as best we can and send love in whatever way is authentic to us.  

There is the life of the shooter that will be contended for. He represents something in us all as ALL. How we respond that is a part of our reflection as a whole. What was happening in this heart and soul is where we need to go and somewhere feel a compassion, not an excuse. There is a violence that is happening in the heart and soul of the body politic that is healed within each of us.

He will be served his consequence and I also feel we are called to go beyond that to feel where the Divine is inviting us to go in our relationship to these moments and circumstances. What are they wanting us to see about ourselves in our humanity, emotionality, and spirituality? Where does it lead us beyond the politics of tragedy and into the depth of our healing and growth? Love is not just candy and roses. It is a vast well of experience that highlights what our human heart is seeking to understand about itself.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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A ReLOVEution To End Inner Violence And Violence-Based Choices

by Kalayna Colibri


“These violent delights have violent ends  

And in their triumph die”

– Romeo and Juliet, ActII, Scene VI


Our suffering so often comes from violent choices.

Violence is chosen when parts of us decide to bury themselves, to bury their pain, covering it up, numbing it out, putting makeup on it, pretending it either doesn’t exist, or in some cases hiding it in plain sight through sabotage of this relationship or that job or through self-harm in the form of addiction of any kind.

Violence is chosen when parts of us decide to see the world as personally oppressive, racking up reason after reason, building a case for their victimhood, making it inevitable that an intense push-away always becomes necessary and the world feels like ‘us’ against ‘them’. As we assuage the battles within, there ARE times sometimes when we receive violence and abuse or aggression from others and DO need to advocate, to turn away, to all-out walk away from what needs to collapse for the sake of our self-worth and also at times our survival. Sometimes this has a violent playout and fallout. If this situation lasts, there is likely some deeper violence still happening within, because this relationship on the outside represents a battle raging on the inside. It is a climate that your parts have gotten used to… and have not learned how to be or even imagined how to be anything different towards each other.

Violence is chosen when parts of us hold rigidly onto ways of seeing and feeling others. In some cases, parts don’t want to feel others’ perspectives, or, would prefer to feign compassion rather than be in the process that allows them to feel genuine compassion for the first time. This serves as a numbing of the self. It is a focus on keeping the victim inside alive and pushing away the budding King or Queen of heart and soul. It is also violent when we try to press our point of view on another who isn’t ready or doesn’t want to take it in. It is violent too, to use aggressive energy behind our words and point of view. These examples are another way to become numb to the needs of others and the ways in which they need to walk out what they are walking out, without name-calling or unfair readouts. This is a hard thing to avoid doing when we have so much tension inside from us to us and part to part… this does move over time though and is so important to keep feeling as it comes up.

Violence is chosen by choosing to eat foods that are violent to the planet and/or to our bodies. I don’t offer this as a piece to feel shame over, but rather something to just feel into. It does feel important to let this in and to make new choices, feeling the parts of you that have resistance to this along the way, so that they can come with you and not feel as if THEY are experiencing violence against THEM, as this dynamic can happen too…

Violence and revenge in different forms have become a strong underpinning in our cultures worldwide. It is a way to see war as an option, protests as the only means of revolution, and aggressive, ambitious efforts the only way to be ‘successful’.

A reLOVEution can be and IS so different than this… than even those subtle twinges of wanting to fight fire with fire in some way. There is a way that we can stand up for ourselves through boundaries and vulnerability that doesn’t need to result in withholding love in any way. We can find a way to teach ourselves new ways of being in life and in LOVE without committing any sort of violence, suppression or oppression inside.

This is as much an ongoing process for me as it likely is for you too. I have had many years inside of a process of peeling back the layers of inner violence and battles and even recently have felt a Metasoul aspect that still lives in the era of Women’s Suffrage in the UK. Really intense timeline, that one. Talk about fighting fire with fire! She and I have been able to feel that there IS an alternative to these violent means of ‘fighting’… feeling how bringing vulnerability is actually the key to deep inner and outer change. She is still being convinced of the truth of this, as she understandably lives in an intense time and hasn’t really seen this in action, but she is trying and that is enough for me to feel something MORE wanting to come and be inside of me and thus from me to others too. I actually feel her helping me write this piece today… it’s helping her digest her reality and new possibilities that are arising for her and for others.

A new, violence-less horizon is calling, wanting to help us end our personal and collective suffering… how deeply you are able to heed this call is a very personal choice and it feels like any healing of this on any level of your being is a fantastic start!

LOVE to you, fellow reLOVEutionary!


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at

Accepting Change As The Only Constant

Light bulb

By Wayne Vriend

I’ve been digesting the outrageous news this week: that the government of Cyprus,  an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, is in cahoots with the European Union this week to essentially steal 7% to 10% of people’s savings from their bank accounts. The German leaders actually advocated for taking 40%. I’m sure it’s not the first time, and surely not the last, but things are heating up in our global society. My sense is that this year is a tipping point. The pace of the changes seems so swift on one level, and so slow on another.

Many of us are simply keeping our eyes on the busyness and content of our time and energy demanding lifestyles, and pass off these mildly troubling stories in the news as stuff beyond our control. We say to ourselves, ‘I have plenty to manage here right now, I couldn’t get worked up about this if I tried.’

But, I invite you to ask yourself: What is my relationship to change? How will I be affected by global changes that I can’t control? And, just what do I ‘control’ in relationship to change?

Take a look at the nature of the changes our global society is undergoing. Crisis in capitalism is a big one, with simply too much debt and pretense toppling the money systems, and the ever increasing wealth gap between those living in riches and those living in scarcity. Then there is the related crisis in climate change and global warming. The approaching end of fossil fuels. Poor health where starvation and obesity occur in the same body….just to name a few. Something is unmistakably dying.

Relating to these changes as somehow global, rather than personal, comes from denying our fundamental interconnectedness with everything. People are dying there, not here. There is choking smog in Beijing, not here. That nuclear disaster is on the other side of the planet. That’s like saying, my liver is in pain and having a bad day, but I’m doing fine. If you are alive, you are undergoing and impacted by fundamental change, whether you are conscious of it or not.

The responsible and conscious question is not how can I avoid change, but how can I avoid the pain of being asleep and unprepared emotionally to the changes that are going on around me? How can I learn, grow, and heal and assist others in doing the same, in the midst of these sweeping changes?

You may feel stuck in an immovable lifestyle where it feels like time is a rare commodity. You may feel overworked, under-rested, where your bodies health ‘is what it is,’ and doesn’t feel like any real change is within reach, where friendships ‘are what they are,’ where sex is what it is, and you couldn’t begin to even imagine how they could be meaningfully different. This flat feeling about your life is actually a healthy one, a sign that something is actually working perfectly. You are living in a carefully crafted and chosen way of life, where even your lack of consciousness up until now is an aspect of the necessary plan.

Moving from feeling flat and deeply in survival mode to feeling alive, energized, and experiencing desire, and true pleasure in our lives, is about feeling both how incredibly fast and how incredibly slow the changes actually are. In nature, we see trees standing up for 500 years and lightning that strikes them down in one second. Both are true. Some things about your life will persist until the end of your life, other things will fall away in a surprising moment of swift change.

How you relate to change, rather than seeking to avoid it, is where you have power and soft control. Fearing running out of money to support your current lifestyle and having to face an uncomfortable feeling of low self worth tied to inadequacy can either be an attempt fueling the status quo in your life or it can be a path to letting in healthy change. Whether we are in ‘resistance to change mode’ or ‘letting in change mode’, makes all the difference in the inevitable changes that are coming our way.

In the natural cycles of nature and seasons, If something is dying, that always means that something is being born. Old is always giving way to new. It’s true of your life right now. Your life right now, how it feels to be you, inside of your body, inside of your beliefs and outlook, what you feel about others, about the Divine, about yourself…… is all to do with what you have encountered up until now.

What are you feeling as you read my words? Do they resonate with something inside of you? Do they call out to you to feel deeper? Do they call out to you to connect with me, or to connect with a part of yourself that you haven’t up until now? Are they timely to an answer you have been seeking? This is the change that is under your feet right now, that won’t ever stop. Also, what gives us courage to let in change is to feel what doesn’t change, and to let more of that into your consciousness. Love from the divine, from the universe, and from my dog (who seems to beat me most days on being connected to what is) allows me to find courage to live into and accept change as the only constant in my life.

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