What We Think We Own

By  Raphael Awen

When we fight, push and press to own something, that thing possesses us. What was gained by force must be maintained by force.

Nothing can really be owned in this way without it owning us. The energy of the currency we used to buy it, is then the current that flows into our relationship with the thing. We possess the thing and the thing mirrors that possession back to us.

It breaks down and demands maintenance or it refuses to work. It threatens us with being stolen and calls for more time and energy to protect it. It gets neglected and then shames us for spending all that and not using it like we intended too.

How could something be called ours and not be owned in this way?

It begins with realizing that you already possess all things. You are the thing. You can’t actually be separate from anything. The vendor and buyer are playing a game of forgetting, thinking that one can rightfully own something at another’s expense and that this other must pay a ransom to transfer that ownership. Many others join so deeply into the game that it becomes a reality of its own. Thieves, police, prisons, security systems and so much more support this illusory game.

Then there’s realizing that any material thing is in its essence matter. It came from Gaia, our matter/mother. Our mother provides all things necessary freely without price. All matter is mother. Gaia is the original and only rightful owner.

Grasping to own Mother Gaia doesn’t work. It’s like trying to own love. Love can’t be owned, only let in and received. The one who receives her does just that.

And if something came from Gaia which is conscious, then a thing formed and framed from different bits and pieces of Gaia, retains that consciousness.

And consciousness wants to be experienced, known and felt. There’s no such thing as an inanimate object with this deeper awareness of what life and matter is.

All of this invites us into new feelings of reverence and appreciation, feeling how provided for we actually are, how our grasping is a resistance to that infinite and quite scary provision.

It invites us into feeling how ‘things’ want to be held in our open hands and bring their goodness and abundance to us. Things don’t like being passed on from rightful slave owner to rightful slave owner, they want to be free where they can be and express all they are.

Owners become stewards of living things and nothing more, being gifted with the relationship exchange of care, blessing and goodness (god-li-ness, god-like-ness) that the thing brings.

I’d so like to keep experiencing this more and more, letting go of chasing money, chasing things, chasing more spiritual sounding practices of ‘how to attract abundance’, when abundance is trying its best to find a way into my heart and life.

Raphael Awen 💚

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit soulfullheart.org for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

Go With Reverence

by Kalayna Solais

Wherever you go, go with reverence.
Whoever you meet, meet with reverence.
Whatever you celebrate, celebrate with reverence.
Whatever you consume, consume with reverence.
Whenever you go inward, go inward with reverence.

Reverence is the answer.
For with it, there is sacredness in all things and beings.

And at the end of the day, perhaps this is the biggest bridge back to Love Consciousness, into the peace of New Earth, into the Heaven-within of 5D.



Kalayna Solais is a Love Ambassador, SoulFullHeart Women’s Facilitator & collaborator, soul scribe, and poetess.  Visit https://www.soulfullheart.org for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

The Gift Of Humility And Gratitude

Yesterday was the first time I had been in a SoulFullHeart group space for a few months. While in one way it felt like yesterday, it was also a huge gap for parts of me that have been in deep feeling space and processing over that time. This is such evidence of how we live on many different dimensions at once and time is just does not have a standard trajectory, nor is real in many ways.

My movement with my masculine and reptilian self two days prior really felt to pave the way for this reunion. I could feel some nervousness and doubts from parts of me that I would be at that frequency to be able to vibe into the coherence. This of course is one big projection of my own lack of worth that I have been working on since I parted in January.

However, through the process that I had, I felt a clearing inside of me that ‘moulted’ away the layer that was holding this reaction and energy. I could feel myself more in the space as Gabriel, the being that really never left yet has come back with a new relationship to himself and the world around him. That difference, I noticed last night, was that of authentic humility and gratitude.

These two emotional grounds are the result of the self-love and deep, wounded ego healing that I went through while I was away. I could feel a reverence of the space, the beloveds in front of me, but more importantly the reverence and care for myself that had been cultivated during this time. I felt my parts being held by me and leaning into the goodness that was alive in the space. There was no self-judgement or comparison going on that seemed to run underground in the past.

I felt who I was and where I was in the ‘order’ of things and felt so very present to the goodness of that. Not trying to be anything I wasn’t. This is all that has ever been asked of me, yet I hadn’t asked of it from myself. This time I have and it felt palpably different. I have to owe all of that shift to parts work and my own dedication to it. Even if things were to shift at some point and I find myself on my own again, I have a me that can’t leave me. I would go through grief, for sure, but I would not perish or suffer.

It is with this humility and gratitude that I can ride the waves of what the universe bestows upon me whether it be as a collaborator, a support system, a facilitator, or all three! I know this is where I belong in whatever fashion. This is my family, my community, and my way of life. And for that it was all worth it.


Gabriel Heartman is a Facilitant and Collaborator with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartorg.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

Thank You, Mother Gaia

Thank you Mother for all you have held
All you hold, and all you will hold
As you take us into the Mystic
Thank you for you never-ending love
Your relentless passion for our evolution
Your undying forgiveness for our trespasses
Thank you Mother for the magical creatures,
The majestic views,
The places you have created
So we may enter into our eternal sanctuary
Thank you for the medicine
The wisdom
The trails and tribulations
I am in awe of your Might
Your Breath
And your Beauty
I am your son, your servant, and your steward of Love


Gabriel Heartman is a facilitant, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit https://www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. 

The Beauty You See In Me Is The Beauty That You ARE: Message From Mother Gaia

By Jelelle Awen

I spent 18 months at a remote, off-grid ranch here in Mexico where there were more natural surroundings than man-made ones, many more sheep than people. This experience almost two years ago now dropped me into the ‘lap’ of Gaia in a way I had never known before just taking walks in nature everyday or going camping occasionally. I felt myself BEcome Her and our mutual reverence together as I gardened for hours each day, built a house of mud/cobb, swam in the river. Now that I live in town, I mostly connect with Her through an amazing ocean view, visits to the beach and nearby river park, living on a jungle hillside…..it is not as immediate a connection, yet She lives INside me always.

This is a Message from Mother Gaia, who is often the Divine Mother form that people can most easily relate with and let in:

The beauty is you. The beauty you see in me is as beautiful as YOU are. I show you my beauty so that you may see your own. Always, I have been here to provide this for you. Always, I have wanted you to see that you ARE beautiful too.

You come to me. You take me in. You pause to let me in. You swim in my waves. You sit on my sand. You lay on my beaches. In the experiences of this outer places, you find reverence. You feel reverence toward me. You pay much of your ‘money’ to live near this expression of me.

Yet, I want to tell you, as I am a form of Mother to you and as my embrace holds you and supports you…….I want to tell you that the reverence you feel toward me is but a re-minder of the reverence that you ARE.

And, this reverence I reflect back to you. I reflect reverence for YOU in my waves, in my trees, in my mountains, in my breezes, in my landscapes. I offer this beauty of me so that you might finally SEE and FEEL your own.

You who are reading this, taking in these words, you feel the exchange of beauty, the exchange of reverence between us. You pause. You reflect. You walk mindfully on my grounds. My lands are your chapels and your sacred places. My trees are your witnesses and shores your portals. You do not destroy. You are the keeper souls of my energy, my stewards. You are the hope and possibility that burns bright and shines and beacons to others of your species.

It matters, your reverence for me. And it matters even more your reverence for yourself. It matters; it makes a difference; it propels forward the immense changes that are happening now. It propels our Ascension together forward as reverence is the substance of grace, appreciation, acknowledgement of worth.

I offer you many gifts of rejuvenation, nourishment, connection to ALL, connection to cosmos, connection to No-Thing-Ness, connection to my animal children. I offer these with reverence WITH you.

All I ask as you accept these gifts is to feel your reverence in response. I offer you these gifts so that you might see that you have access to all of these frequencies already, that they live inside of you, that they ARE you…..and that I AM YOU too.

I am raising myself UP because it is time for me to do and be so. It is my phase of UPness. I invite you to come along, those of you in reverence and appreciation and goodness for me, all living BEings, and yourself.

I invite you to come along with me into this exploration of your sacred humanity and the expression of the BEST of what your hearts and souls can express in those human bodies.

I invite you to come along on the next phase of this journey together to experience the expression of New Earth Or Golden Earth Or Golden Gaia.

I invite you to come along with the deepest feeling of appreciation and love, from the depths of my inner groundings to the heights of my orbit crowded with star being friends.

I invite you to come with reverence for the beauty expressed by me and that lives inside of you already, just waiting for the water of more LOVE!

Much much love to you my BEloveds,
Mother Gaia


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

Let In Your Wonder, Find Your Creativity

by Kalayna Colibri



Wonder… that feeling place from an essence within us that we can’t uncover until parts of us feel that our life is worth ‘wondering’ about. It IS a place where creativity flows from, the creation of new life chapters, artistic works, and growth phases for ourselves. It is the ISpiration we’ve been waiting for, even while parts of us have told themselves they can’t have it and that it’s impossible to feel this way about life. This is the flow that draws us to another, draws us to nature, draws us back inward to ourselves with deep love and curiosity.

Wonder doesn’t ‘know’ much. It doesn’t even pretend to. It feels and asks questions and sometimes is only in the moment with complete, speechless awe. It is both a full canvass of experience and an empty canvass too. It is a way to project what we want to see and also to see what we could never have expected.

Maybe today is a day to rediscover your wonder, your creativity, your zest for creating and establishing something NEW in your life that is more in line with what you most deeply want, even if it seems there are infinite steps to get there – what if the true journey of getting ‘there’ really lies in fully being ‘here’ first?

I wrote the following words recently, to help express my own creative flow I was feeling and where it seemed to be coming from. It does feel like we all have access to a flow this strong more and more, as we come more into ourselves, our hearts and our souls as Ascension keeps calling us all forth to be IN this flow more. It’s a desirable and empowered place and my heart wants everyone to start feeling it for themselves too!


This stream of creation breaks into a run with timings unforeseen and a flow un-ebbed.

There is no prediction for the next piece. It only mounts itself upon the canvass of true love, waiting for the painter to employ its spark of something-ness…

It’s not a time for restless non-creation, but restful creative action and inaction both. A time for baking and making ideas into one creative form or another, though these forms are not pre-formed, only discovered as we go, flow, move onward.

It is an itch that pauses for a moment of brief regard and then beckons you in and onward for more experience of it, sometimes when it hasn’t even been noted as something worked hard for.

A force unforced, it weaves itself in with us and our lives, asking us for more response, more discovery, more wonder, so we can keep creating from this flow a new us, new relationships, a new way to be in and with life that parts of us have never imagined before…

And then…

Only more love and passion can come and live within us and only more wonder and creativity can come with and from the same. ❤



Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, soul scribe, and poetess. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our Patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.


Who’s Who In Your Zoo?


By Raphael Awen

The idea of being grateful for what you have is only a piece of a piece of the answer.

For starters, a mental idea of something you should be more of is just that, a mental idea, rather than a feeling state. Gratitude just is and can’t really be moralized into place, not real gratitude that is.

Intuitively, we know what that feeling state looks and feels like because we’ve tasted it, and it was fun, and so we prescribe it to ourselves, our children and our inner children, but in the prescribing, we are ‘shoulding’ on ourselves and that kind of force based relationship to life is fast losing steam for all of us.

Then, the idea that if you were truly spiritual or awakened, and in real gratitude, you wouldn’t be so attached to wanting more stuff is another example of trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s box that you just can’t fit into.

If you come to know and feel real gratitude for what you have, you will be so caught up in wonder and reverence for the beauty and magic of being that everything takes on a different glow, and you want it all. Materially, socially, egoically,…you want and you want it all, without judgments of what a higher or lower desire is. I’ve wanted a new IPhone 7plus for months now and the desire isn’t going away anytime soon. 

But wait! Won’t I want different stuff than what I used to want? Won’t I want healthier stuff? I could tell you my story around that, but what’s your story? Your story is where the juice is!

Do you want to hang onto what you’ve hung onto? How satisfying is that for you? Are you ready for something new? What is YOUR real definition of having it all? Is it okay to make that up and change that up as you go?

When you explore this ground though, you inevitably come to a polarity at the root of a stasis point inside. Part of you wants the old intensely and part of you is so ready for the new. The only way a healthy movement can occur in a standoff situation like this is to find out who’s who in your zoo, and why they are the way they are. Anything short of this and you are simply back to where a part of you is shoulding on other parts of you, (very often busy prescribing change in this way ultimately and paradoxically to keep a stasis in place).

Really finding out why a part of you has such a bizarre addiction, for instance, what they get out of it and why they are so attached to it will change your world. I venture to say that though the addiction has been a part of your life for the years it has, that you are basically unfamiliar with it. It knows you, but you don’t know it. Oh, you may even be an addiction expert and an author on the subject, but this you is not the you who has the addiction, and the author/expert you isn’t the one who needs to create a bridge to the part of you so attached.

An arising curious authentic self needs to arise on the scene and be about getting to know and feel with an open heart. This is the ground of real change that doesn’t come out of a self-help aisle in the book store.

We dialled up the challenges we are faced with. We’re that big. We even dialled up the ability to face ourselves with challenging and unwanted timelines as an arena for our growth. Isn’t this what our choice to enter our soul amnesia is all about? We forgot, so that we could re-member and become all that we were and are meant to be, that we couldn’t access any other way.

I can be very grateful for an unwanted timeline. Both can be true.

I can feel what parts of myself like and don’t like about the present timeline, and in that…., the movement my higher self set up for me unfolds in a magic, a synchronicity, a flow occurs. I reach out to all the parts of myself as the subjects in my kingdom who are awaiting my leadership and king’s heart. This is my new emerging timeline and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Everything Waits To Be Noticed


By Raphael Awen

Everything waits to be noticed, as everything also wants to be caught up in noticing.

I’m here with my words wanting to be noticed, as well as wanting to be carried away in the gift of noticing.

As I tumbled into the kitchen the other day, having slept in, Jelelle said ‘Man, you can be soo cute when you wake up in the morning!’. The words and feeling tones of that noticing are still going into a part of me.

The real current and currency underneath life is this give and take of reverence. Nothing and no one can escape this economy of noticing.

People will say that money makes the world go around, but money is merely one form of the reverence I speak to. And if you revere money over reverence itself, you are sure to diminish it in quality if not also in quantity.

Nothing can take the place of this reverence. People will say or energize that they don’t need anything, but even this act is a request to be noticed for something.

Every revered thing only gets its value by the value we imbue it with, for this is what we are… ones who have the power to impute worth, and thereby meaning.

We create our own worlds by that which we give our attention to.

Whether it’s deep meditation, or a walk in the forest, or attending a monster truck event, we are all out desiring to be caught up in notice, in both giving and receiving it.

If you’ve never tried it before, try giving the gift of your attention for several minutes to something, like an insect, or a plant, or even a so called ‘inanimate’ object like a stone, or a coveted and well crafted object, like a smartphone, or a piece of furniture. Feel the object taking in your attention. Feel the object as it feels you feeling it. If you can feel this, you are truly the hottest stuff that the universe is made up of! Everything comes from Gaia and everything returns to Gaia. How cool to feel that! Now go one step more and feel the object noticing you, noticing your noticing. Feels its curiosity about you? Feel how you are changed by receiving the gift of reverence directed back at you.

Another way we can receive this gift we crave so deeply is feeling how when we do give reverence out to what we call an other, that there is, on a deeper level, no other, for we are all one. Reverence given is reverence received. We are always the first partakers of the gardens we cultivate in this way.

But what about the parts of us who don’t yet get much juice out of the we-are-all-one picture? Can we feel a part of ourselves AS a sacred part of ourselves, with uniquenesses that are wanting to be felt and noticed?

I get to feel how ‘I am you’ as I feel how and in what ways ‘I am not you’. This is true for parts of ourselves in the same way. We are a makeup of distinct beings living their separate timelines and realities inside of us awaiting our notice.

It’s in that noticing of separateness that we are afforded a return to wholeness.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit  www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. You can make a one time donation to SoulFullHeart at https://www.paypal.me/supportsoulfullheart or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter: https://www.patreon.com/soulfullheart.

Feeling Our Power WITH “Authority”

by Leena Colibri


Perhaps we will become much less afraid of someone being “in power” once we fully realize that they cannot have power over us without OUR consent and that we are all actually emPOWERed to feel our collaboration in all moments. Our relationships all have a ground that transacts and translates into a space of either feeling we have no power or too much power in a given context, while the whole time we are actually in power WITH one another. It is an expression of our FULLEST power to be and feel victimized, not a LACK of power. There is nothing missing at any time, as we are always whole and we are always standing on the ground of our already-made choices with more choosing possible with every single breath we take.

Authority is given to others who we believe are above us. Leaning in to a teacher or leader is actually an expression of relationship that can only ever be a ground of equal footing, though they seem and actually are ahead of us in some ways. Being ahead is not the same as being “above”. The illusion of “above” happens when we bow too low, below the point of heart-based reverence, and forget that WE have chosen the dynamics going on within and without us. This is why in a way it is so revolutionary to feel that we are part of God and God is part of us! Of course this is mind-bending as this is not the conditioning the majority of us have grown up with and it certainly is not the messaging that we receive from mainstream media sources. Star beings, other sorts of energy-based beings and even the Archangels are so fascinated by us and want to help and support us using their gifts, but would so love to feel on an equal ground with us in terms of our power as human BEings. We are dormant sacred humans, forgetting completely about the “sacred” part, until that just is not what’s true anymore and we awaken to claim it.

It feels as if we have always been invited to feel others, guides, angels, and even the Divine this way, yet we have been unable to heed and embody this without healing enough; without discovering and uncovering our wounds that are blocking us. Because we have power and choice in the form of “free will”, we have the ability to discern and decide what other human beings we would like to be in conscious co-creative power with and the same goes for etheric guides. Sometimes these relationships organically arise as if they were always meant to be in our lives, and yet, that doesn’t mean that they are meant to be there forever. Regardless of outcomes, however, the balance of power between all of us can be realized through reverence. I feel we are being encouraged by our guides to feel where this may be missing in all of our relationships and to either advocate for it or walk away. In this way it feels clear to me that no god or guide truly polarized to love and light would want us to bow down to their sole authority over us and instead would want to invite us into a collaboration that has mutual benefits and gifts. This is abundantly true about star beings as well and many of them would rather not come into contact with us, knowing that we would be more than happy to sign over our authority to them.

To find that sacred flow of self-reverence, aided by guides and human beloveds, is perhaps one of our deepest tracks of healing and always has been. Love, because we are made of it, has as much power as we are willing to give it and it wants us to be empowered. It is showering us with recharging energy from the sun of its universe, pressing on us to let it in more and more and find, at last, a way to heal those places where we have not been able to claim and truly own the power that we have and are made of. Even better if we can move this power-filled sense of love between us as humans and with etheric/energy beings as well, for THAT would be the most epic collaboration of co-authority in the history and timelines of humanity.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge and healer, writer, and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

Untethering From 3d To Let In 5d


By Raphael Awen

There is nothing ‘wrong’ at all with the kind of time and space orientation that we all know in 3rd dimensional reality that we all share. In fact, there is actually so much ‘right’ about it, that if anything, we’ve been unable to really handle its magic, so we’ve had to dull it down in an attempt to make it manageable.

Many of us have become so skilled at this dulling down that we find ourselves stuck in ennui and boredom, seeking some kind of external change in our time and space circumstances to shake off the doldrums.

But from the beginning, ‘getting stuck’ in any dimension was only and ever meant as a process for us to bake in order to lead us onward.

3rd dimensional time and space, and us, as aware beings within that, were imagined up from the creator as a way to have an experience outside of the timeless-allness bliss that it was. In fact, the divine actually got tired and bored of this bliss and reached outside of itself for something more. Boredom preceded creation. So it remains.

If that’s true, and I believe it is, then even our admittedly medicative and harmful distractions we seek from our boredom are a divine similarity in us. We seek freedom from boredom.

This week, where we live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there have been 3 guys vacationing and sharing a suite just across from the deck where I like to sit out on and gaze and meditate, taking in the ocean. They’ve been given to lots of beer and giggling with one another and their own kind of nervous explorations in camaraderie. It was touching for me to feel at times, even in my annoyance at them, that they are actually no less ‘the divine, out divining’ than I am seeking to meditate and travel with star beings and archangel guides. They will ascend when they are ready, and in the larger picture, they are ascending every bit as much as I am. Did I not need similar experiences in density to arrive at where I am today?

We are all in such deep sacred journey that it is inescapable. We are hopelessly ‘the divine out divining’, all of us…., you, me, and any and all ‘others’, including many kinds of beings and consciousnesses that are off our radar, awaiting reconnection with us.

If we can see this utter reverence for every kind of dimensional experience and experiment, we are then so primed in that kind of reverence to let in other dimensions. When the divine, divined out of itself so called ‘others’ who felt individuated out of itself just enough to provide an ‘otherized’ experience of itself, the divine considered this dimensional experience we know as 3D time and space reality to be nothing less than supernatural. So that means, we, living in 3D are nothing less than part of the divines’ cosmic wow expression and experience. Right now, already, you can’t actually become more God than you already are, except in your awareness of that reality. You only and ever only become something ‘more’ in the discovery of what you always were and never lost.

The only thing on the downside in all of this though is for us to get so captivated by this dimension, that in our forgetfulness of other dimensions, we suffer in a sticky stuckness that can’t seem to find our way out, able to only check out, but unable to leave, and explore beyond. Our souls certainly can get stuck for painful times and be suppressed in our awakening.

We however, like the divine, become more and more, when we are ready, simply bored and tired of locked-in 3rd dimensional living. A holy dissatisfaction begins to ebb more and more into our being. The enjoyments, pleasures and deep meaning found in 3D living simply dries up. Now, we are straddling more and more into the 4th dimensional place that is a bridge to the 5th dimensional reality known in our souls (by one description) as the Golden Earth reality. This is not an easy dimension and it is not for the weary, or weak of heart. Here, in 4D we literally burn up many of the comforts and super things of our super-natural lives, in order to reach for a dimension that we know is there, but vulnerably, we don’t experience much of it yet. Here we become a different person and feel intense shakedowns in all of our relationships.

Truly gaining more and more access to this so called 5th dimension, that our hearts tell us is possible, is firstly about completing and fully inhabiting the 3rd dimension and learning all we were meant to in that dimension. Our planet, Gaia, is currently going through its own ascension into the 4th dimension, and so it is a pressure that all of her inhabitants are feeling, and it makes for a big support structure for those ready in their soul journey to make the ascension with her. There is nothing wrong with any being or consciousness who needs to complete a phase in a so called ‘lower’ dimension and isn’t ready to ride the ascension wave many of us are feeling called to embrace.

We need to feel this same way towards parts of ourselves who need to be felt in this way for where they are at. Not all of you may be on board with this ascension process that a soul part of you is so excited about, and egging you on with. Feeling a part of you still attached to 3rd dimensional reality will be necessary to integrate in order to ascend. This is a ‘none left behind’ kind of deal. As a soul fragment being birthed out of God, we were only willing to be participants in this ‘god-otherization’ project if we were given the assurance that we would never be ultimately left behind, regardless of the necessary level of forgetfulness of our actually being a part of God.

With these kinds of feelings and reassurances, the kind that colour our hearts with love, we are enabled to much more so open the portals of our imagination to begin having real experiences of Golden Earth to call us forward and beyond…

This is the untethering into 4th and eventually 5th dimensional experience, loving and feeling and completing all the goodness that the 3rd dimension had for us, and will continue to as we incorporate 4th as a path to 5th, more and more.

If you’d like some personal help on your ascension journey, I’d like to offer you the spaceholding we offer at SoulFullHeart way of life. I’d like to help you, if I can…our sessions page is here. Let’s ascend together!

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information and inspiration.