Saying “Yes” To Creating A Loving Container For Yourself For Healing

by Kalayna Colibri


That exquisitely sacred space you give to yourself for your feeling and healing process has movement just in the intention of it. There is no specific protocol to follow, though there are many tools that might help you, like journaling and meditating for example. The flow of love that happens from you to you is something that is so necessary, that it cannot actually be stoppered up once it has truly begun, even if you can’t feel it in your most upfront awareness in the moment.This healing can then happen upon you at times you aren’t actually expecting it to. Many times I’ve had movements while doing something other than consciously being “in process”, like watching an episode of a show on Netflix that suddenly helps me feel something specific about myself or what I’m working through, or perhaps when I’m out in nature or just walking my dog through the city.

In my experience, all processes don’t need “time” so much, since there really is no time, but just a simple yes to the next step… Yes, I would like to start feeling the roots of this pain. Yes, I would like this reaction to move and heal and yes, I am open to all the tears I need to shed to get there. Yes, I am open to loving myself more and feeling more of my worth. Yes… I want to experience more LOVE.

To claim your healing is big and the invitation in these times is that your healing will start to come faster and bolder if you allow it, if you say “yes” to it. All it needs is a big enough YOU there to step inside of it, shining your heart beam and casting love light over it. Now is not the time for suppression, but for embracing. That may feel like the scary place to go, yet there is a you there that can hold your innate goodness and still be with all of this. If you are in a phase of desiring and likely needing it, supportive and conscious community is a place to find the deeper reflections of yourself that help you shine a light in these dark places and can help show you where you still need to go inside of yourself. Relationship is where so much of our wounding has happened and thus, relationship is where we often need to go in order to heal and in order to see what’s truly going on inside of us.

This dedicated space you hold for yourself can last a short or long time, depending on what you need. Ideally it is your daily reality, yet with busy schedules it can be challenging to remember that you have a beautiful YOU that needs your energy too. Even despite busyness, any downtime that is dedicated to spending time with yourself is an opportunity for something to move. I have often had movements happen even while watching an episode of a TV show or a movie or reading a book. Sometimes journaling and meditation are what take me there too. Whatever your intuition tells you that you need in a given moment, whatever your impulses are, once you have opened this dam of self love you will not be able to stay away from the healing that is intended for you, from you. You are beloved by all beings around and within you. You are the guidance you’ve been seeking from guides both within and without you. You are indeed always seeking YOU, even if you don’t consciously realize it, and perhaps that’s why you’re drawn to reading this or taking in any other writing about this or that speaks to your pain in some way. Something in you wants to surface and be felt so it can be healed, so YOU can be healed and move forward, letting go of all that has been encumbering you in your personal process of ascension. It’s all happening, moving, flowing and it wants to flow to and through you.

There are so many ways to find out more of who you are, even if it feels as if the core of you has been gnawed away at somehow, through years of sustained wounding that has brought on many different reactions and play-outs in your life. Any and all of them are good and we all have our own path to get to a place of more emotional and spiritual health and of course, more LOVE flow. Of course the way I advocate for, live into and also facilitate is SoulFullHeart, and of course this invitation is for you to feel into that more for yourself. However, I also feel and understand that wherever we are all at is just as sacred and just as necessary until our healing encourages us to choose something different. There is always a wide array of choices and choice points and the possibilities truly are infinite.

I encourage you to remember yourself today…to flow with the love that wants to circulate more throughout your entire being, to remember that you are an embodiment of all of your choices up to now and that you have more choices based in love, in this very moment, to say yes to as they move into your awareness and offer to help you heal and become more of that love-filled essence of you that you crave to be and serve others from… ❤


Kalayna Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator for women around (and under) the age of 30, energy healer, indigo-crystal bridge, writer, and poetess. Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a money donation to support our offerings at


Embodiment of the Multidimensional Self and 5D Reality Experience Of Experience

By Jelelle Awen
I am moving from a ‘me’ to a ‘we’, a more merged consciousness, a more multidimensional consciousness. A consciousness that is not in a particular time but is responding from ALL times and many different soul aspects AT ONCE. I am experiencing more moments where there is no personality there or orientation to previous personality that I have ‘known’ or can be ‘known’. “Jelelle” is really then a waveform sound that others can use to delineate the physical me that shows up in front of them or what they experience as my essence. I let go of my birth name awhile ago so there is no longer much association with names as an identity.
I am experiencing more and more moments where my soul essence is responding in the NOW with love and NO reactivity. Most of my moments are like this now in the now. There is no longer pain or suffering or being triggered by others, although I am open to this if it comes up. This is not unexpected as it is what I have been consciously awakening and enlightening toward for many years. The subpersonality or parts differentiation process that I have very consciously and very diligently engaged with has brought me to this ‘place’ more and more with so many layers of persona being integrated and dissolved away essentially.
For many years, I was tracking my reactivity with much focus, connecting my reactions to whatever part or aspect that I was connecting with at the time, feeling deeply whatever there was to feel. This heightened sense of self consciousness and awareness is what allowed me to sort and experience what was ME in my soul essence and what was ME in conditioned personality. What had been formed in response to conditioning versus what WAS me as a soul or higher self. The energy that these aspects of me held that anchored me to the past, to past woundings and hurts, to past formations of personality and reactivity and pain are essentially GONE now.
In place of this energy anchored to the past is now space for my multidimensional soul frequencies, galactic frequencies, to come in from the stars and from other lifetimes. With this multidimensionality comes the feelings that all of my experiences are ‘new’ as seen through the eyes and felt through the hearts of these soul aspects that are in much higher vibrational frequencies than what we feel here on Gaia. Yet, also, these aspects are VERY interested in what we experience as duality here, the edges that rub, the tastes, the sounds, the pleasures of the body, especially as felt through a healing heart and enlightened emotional body. These aspects of me are ‘dropping in’ now as there is more space in me for them. They are enjoying very much what they are experiencing through me and me through them. We are merging together and it is blissful, magical, and a feeling of deep RE-union with my soul. And, it is still very grounded to Gaia and inside of my body, not floaty at all, based in the heart.
This is challenging to write about honestly as the linear language of one word after another doesn’t work well to describe and transmit the energy of this kind of multidimensional experience of experience. To exchange this energy in voice and in person is much better, so you can feel it for yourself what it is that I am embodying and what you may feel drawn to embody. I offer spaces for this to happen if you desire for it to and it is what is next for you; through sessions, through our group calls, soon through in person immersion visits with us here in Puerto Vallarta, and a retreat later this year. Visit for more information. We want to offer spaces for you to experience this experience of multidimensional experience, we can call it 5D that is fine….spaces for you to experience it and remember, not just in writing but in energy exchange.
I feel it is where we are ‘headed’ as a species, to this more merged consciousness beyond personality where we are still an individual soul spark of consciousness. We are then both experiencing the non-dual nature of life AND the dualistic nature in the same moment. We have separated them out as that is what we tend to do from our overly dualistic focus place. Yet, to me and for me, they merge and the non-dual nature of our reality and of Divine Source HOLDS all experience of experience, including the dualistic frequencies.
It feels important to say that I did not open out or awaken or remember to this place of consciousness through bypassing my emotions or transcending them. I went into them and therefore through them. I am discovering (as are my beloveds on this path too) that there are more efficient ways to be in this, a sort of quantum healing way to be with the pain body, and more processes and methods are being offered to us in SoulFullHeart to share with you in the future. I have happily been a bush whacker of sorts, clearing the weeds and one of the paths. One of the methods is by being in immersion with us here, in our daily lives, in Puerto Vallarta, for as long as fits in your lifestyle. To be around this enlightened consciousness is to feel how it lives in you already and IS you already and it is just a process of remembering.
There IS an experience of experience beyond personality, beyond reactivity, beyond suffering, beyond pain, beyond negativity, beyond duality and WITH duality at the same time. I offer this to you as a remembrance that lives in you already and is ‘spring-loaded’ to BECOME you again. This is not an EASY path though as there is SO MUCH to unremember, so much to let go of, so much to say ‘NO’ to in the personality-based life you have created as you say ‘YES’ to your soul essence in expression. In my experience, these changes and letting go process are negotiable and always happen at a rate and pace that you can bear.
I cannot sell you on this process nor do I want to. Your higher self feels if it is your moment to claim it and if you are meant to walk it out and remember. I can offer you, with integrity, that this IS possible, what you dream is possible in terms of HOW you experience your life, yet, it is a continual, moment by moment choice of what IS your essence and to let go of what is NOT.
I feel a reaching out to you from beyond the personality, to your higher self, and feel us embracing together and remembering each other, seeing each other beyond the personality and name and identity….feeling each others as SOULS. I have felt many of you ‘in my field’ and even had some higher self conversations with some of you who wanted them. I am ready if you are ready. I am here if you are here as are my beloveds too. Where do you want to go together? The soul is limitless and the explorations profoundly unlimited too. Love is limitless and Infinite and wants you to remember that you are THIS too.
Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

Our Star Burst Moment



To my mate, wherever you may find your self, yet always in my heart, I send you my desire through the ether on this blessed day of Love.

Your wind-swept hair sends notes of your inner symphony
Playing its tune in cadence to my inner dance

My infinite script of Love’s triumphs and healing tragedies
Find their resonance on your chromo-galactic soul screen

Our seeds have been planted in each other’s heart beds
Being watered by our self-care and desire for more and more US

The bond we share is this journey into our deepest calling
Our sweetest sensations of tender bliss

And the firecracker tendrils of our undeniable passion
Wrapped in a spaghetti pretzel of blankets and rose petal rain

Our candles lit from within
Stoking them with Love’s soft and sometimes bitter breeze

Each day we walk further into our own portals of discovery
Uncovering our recovery

We covet each other’s gifts; unwrap them with each vulnerable step
Into the unknown Now.

We feel each other gazing into our flourishing gardens
Preparing our special place where we both can ponder the heavens

Travel to our spiraling wonderment of our deepest fears
To make way for the spectacular light show that is our souls colliding

With a touch of my hand upon your silken skin
And your honey-amber lips affixed to mine

The life we live now will be but a treasured memory
Of all that lead to this star burst moment.


Get A Heart-on For Yourself

By Raphael Awen


Somehow, I know that my greatest gift to the world has to do with my desire and need to be loved.

As I feel that, and make it conscious more and more to myself, and see where I have that love and where I don’t at present, I am moved. My need and desire for love is what ‘unstucks’ me.

I’d like to title this Valentine’s Day message:

‘Get A Heart-on For Yourself’.

You see, you won’t ever actually find love ‘out there’ to any degree that exceeds the actual love you have learned for yourself. In fact, the lack of love you have for yourself will always be mirrored to you in the actual quality of your closest relationships.

The entire universe we live in is wired on love. I know it doesn’t look that way when we live on a planet that is so much wired on proving what love isn’t, but such a planet and such a motive, could only exist in a fear reaction to this potent and fearful love.

Reverence is another word for what we’re talking about here. More than anything in life, I want and need reverence. I want to be revered and I want to swim in reverence for all things. That’s the stuff the universe is made up of. That’s what I came here to learn and become certified in.

If this is true, (and I say that because I am well aware that I am proposing a very different view of the world), then it so beckons the deeper quest in all of us, collectively and personally, to learn how to let in love.

And if that’s the whole point, then realizing that point gets you to whatever is next, and that’s truly and awe-somely exciting.

What’s next can only and ever be more love, because we are infinite love, made by infinite love, seeking to come to terms with infinite love.

Now, we are asked IF we feel that, IF we believe that, IF we KNOW that, then what does being a student of that love mandate? Dare I use the word ‘dictate’? If love is thee most powerful force for which any and all force is derived, then love’s dictates are of supreme interest to me. This is a dictating mandating force that waits incredibly patiently, but ultimately cannot and will not take ‘no’ for an answer.

Wait now, I’m not speaking of an other, some power over you….I’m talking about your own, you-to-you relationship. You are this love and that love won’t settle till it finds you in you. Feeling this, and letting it color in and out of the lines in your life is the most transformative thing you will ever do in this earth plane.

The circumstances (encircling standing things) of your life are the witnesses and signposts to this sacred marriage. What is happening outside of you can only and ever be a reflection of what is happening inside of you.

For many, and even most of us, this comes as a testament, a reflection and a dawning realization of what we are not, intended to point out way back to what we are.

Life now asks us to take the most courageous step of our lives. Would we be willing to risk losing what we have, in order to gain what we are? Are we willing to say a firm ‘No!’ in a bid to find our ‘yes’.

Falling in love always births a death-and-rebirth cycle in our lives. True love always gives birth to new life, but only after it has suffered the death of what preceded the emergence of that love. Many can yearn for love, but use that yearning to avoid the death that life is inviting them into in order to take them to that love. There simply is no other way to this magical kingdom of getting a heart-on for you.

Sex is a perfect metaphor here. It’s a possessing force that can and wants nothing less than to take over your life. It wants you to be dripping wet (self-consciously so) with ache and desire, and then it wants to relieve and relive that desire over and over again…

Sounds pretty hot, huh? That’s because it is. Love is not ambivalent about you. Love has its heart-on very firmly (and discreetly) set on you, and only you. Extreme Monagamy, because this extreme Monagamy is the only doorway into extreme poly-amory. You cannot love the many until you love the one. That one is you. That you is love.

It won’t settle for anything less. It can’t settle for anything less.

Will you surrender to this love that you are?

(I dedicate this writing to my valentine, my outer reflection of my self love journey, my be-loved, my am-loved, Jelelle Awen)

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.

Love Invites You In

By Jelelle Awen


Love invites you in, to hold, to feel, to BE. It takes the form of your beloved. Your beloved self, your beloved mate, your beloved friends, your beloved children, your beloved family, your beloved guides…..your BE-LOVED by your love and you by theirs.

Love invites you to remember, to embrace, to awaken. It takes the form of your returning. The return to Divine Source, Divine Love, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine No-Thing-Ness, Divine Light, Divine Warmth, Divine embrace.

Love invites you to change, to risk, to lead, to serve. It takes the form of your desires. The desires of your heart and your soul that move into a flow that releases the stuck places…. the desires that bring a spark to your heart and to your life.

Love invites you to become and to arise. It takes the form of your essence as Infinite Love expressing as a sacred human ascending, growing, learning, shifting always and in ALL WAYS.

Wishing you MUCH love on this day that celebrates love….Jelelle

Jelelle Awen

Photo taken (secretly ) of my Be-Loved Raphael Awen and I by Raianna Tydeman

We Will Know Each Other, Love

by Leena Colibri


We will know each other, love.
When the seas of distance
have long parted
and the winds of inner guidance
bring us closer,
we will know the scent, feel and taste
of the radiant compliment and heart echo,
that only two true lovers
can feel in each other.
The swan of my garden’s pond,
the stag of your kingdom to come
and the lushness of crystalline hearts
sends a beacon to one another
that forgoes all time
and draws the curtain
on any sense of having waited.
Across the ether
where dutiful pleasantries end
and all flowers bloom in harmonic,
perfectly imperfect growth,
that is where it begins for us
as we foresake all we’ve known
for the challenge of walking
and waking
The sprint of a spring-loaded heart
wanting to explode in its body-container
brings in the steps of inventive goodness
and charges forward with each breath
of its renewed awakening.
Our inter-galactic heavens
of sweet spent moments
of movement and healing
in our dominions of the inside,
mingle altogether in a dance of dimensions,
anticipated touches
and soaring passionate highs.
We will so know each other, love,
by the shape of smoky outlines
and bright, burning stars pointing the way,
calling out to us and to all lovers,
now and always…



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

Worlds Within Worlds Are Within You To Discover

By Jelelle Awen


All is magic arising in every moment to be seen, felt, and let in. Worlds within worlds inside of you to explore, to discover, to uncover. Let in the magic that you ARE and SEE it all around you as your filter changes. How you see the world is how you see yourself. How you feel about the world is how you feel about yourself. How you experience the world is how you experience yourself.

In a place of self loving discovery, you are curious about all the dimensions and expressions of yourself. You are collecting and investigating your soul aspects, the fractals that come from the same source, the versions of you in so many different forms and expressions.

As you are curious about the star being YOU, the galactic you, the version you have been much more than you have been human and for so very much longer…..this aspect of you can begin to give you messages and show you signs of your galactic nature. You may hear and experience and feel this as ‘outside’ of you and you may become a channel for this energy and the messenger of the stars. Yet then when you embrace these star beings as versions of you does the intimacy go so much deeper. They can take you on a journey of remembrance and embodiment, they can bring you UP into higher frequencies. You become them more and more and their frequencies integrate into you, become you, and you are that much more galactic because of it.

As you are curious about other lifetimes in other ‘periods of time’, versions of you living different experiences in different settings connect with you. Stepping through the portal that opens with your heart eagerness and your soul’s desire, you are transported to the scenes that these parallel selves live in: the courtyards, the stables, the castles, the fields, the space ships of light, the mountains, the churches. Backdrops that hold the setting for this scenes of soul expression. You can dial in a year: 1930, 1100, 1880 and then see what you can see. You can go there to these places and be with and feel the aspects of your soul in these settings and what they are experiencing. You can help them heal and move on. And you too can become them eventually as they integrate into you and the energy of their existence is released and ascended.

Worlds within worlds are inside of you to discover. Sign up for the trip, earn the trip by your self love and willingness to go within and with your willingness to feel. Follow the guideposts to the next place and the next. And, if you want the support and some guidance and loving space holding, let us know at SoulFullHeart because these kinds of inner adventures and discoveries and movements are what we LOVE to do and be part of and hold space for!

Life IS magical and so are you. Believe it, feel it, live it, experience it. And so it IS.

Note: We will talk more about this exploration into soul aspects and terrains and offer you a personal sense of this ground through a guided meditation during our group call coming up this Saturday, February 18th.

Jelelle Awen is a writer and co-creator/teacher/group facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions with her, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.