Energy Update: Schumann Spike Wave For October 21, More Codes To Receive

By Jelelle Awen

Holy wow! Look at this spike wave in the Schumann Gaia frequency today! It has been lasting for several hours and is still ongoing. This graph is UTC timezone, so you can convert that to whatever yours is.

It’s interesting because the frequency has been quiet the last few days, yet I woke up with some head and neck pain. I checked the readings (one of my sources is here: and sure enough, it was spiking!

I could FEEL the codes coming in offering another wave of New Earth Now for our Gatekeeper aspects to integrate and let in as we are ready for them. As you relax into the downloading process, the more can be received and the less body reactions/pain/discomfort there is.

For me, it was holding session space today for a beautiful soul to feel her Inner Child, offering Mother Mary love and support…. and connecting to her Gatekeeper and his home frequency of Avian energies to allow more opening to star family connection. By the end of the session, ALL the discomfort in my head/neck was gone. Serving love brings in a higher frequency grounded in the heart which also seems to be KEY to receiving it.

Feel where any resistance may be in parts of you to let in the next phase of these energies and upgrades. Offering love to these aspects can open up lots more receiving!

More information here about parts/Metasoul aspects:

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Jelelle Awen

SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Coming Through The Powerful March SOULar Activations Passage

It’s the release of our weekly museletter! Offering ALL of our writings, videos, events, healing offerings, and audio blogs for the week!

SoulFullHeart Teacher and Facilitator Jelelle Awen shares about the energies as March comes to a close, including more SOULar activities such as storms, and winds. In addition to Energy Updates, Jelelle and Raphael Awen have provided a guided meditation from our most recent Unity Meditation Call to help activate the Ascension Chakra Vortexes and to integrate more of these March energies.

As Jelelle states in the featured writing, “These activations seemed to bring in, MARCH in…. Bliss Mess experiences with ups and downs. The SOULar wind currents could take you from intense joy to acute pain to sweet surrender……all within the same day! They could offer tastes of New Gaia 5D states of self love and compassionate love for ALL sentient BEings with deeper awarenesses that we are ALL meant to come along during the Ascension process… You may have experienced a deeper embodiment of your Service of Love Self/5D Self and the next choice points that lead to MORE of this BEing state.”

We share our uniquely individual yet collective voice representing the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life through many beautiful digestions in writing and video this week from all the SoulFullHeart Facilitators, including Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, and a new blog series from Raphael Awen introducing subtle energy to beginners. In addition, SoulFullHeart facilitant Raianna Shai begins her own series about her own personal process.

Many of these writings have been turned into audio blogs for you to either listen to or read along with our voices. These are all available on YouTube SoulFullHeart Experience.

We share about some events we have coming up to bring in frequencies of Unity Consciousness and more support for you to navigate the current energies. Join us for two free Unity Meditation calls on April 4th and April 14th. We share in this museletter the recording of the guided meditation from the powerful Unity Meditation call that we did on Wednesday, March 21st for you to listen to and take in.

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Conscious Evolution: The Consequence Of Our Energetic Choices


We are all evolving. No matter the soul. Each one is participating in this natural maturation process that holds its own unique and particular part of the story. Each highlights something that can take us to greater depths of our compassion and relationship to Love. How deep does our compassion go? This is what Love is curious about. This is what I am curious about. How can I evolve into more love if there are parts of me that block that compassion, especially to myself? It is the outward expression of our lack of compassion that is ultimately about ourselves in the long run.

So much is being uncovered, discovered, and disseminated. From the cosmic activations of our Higher Self and higher timelines to a geopolitical unraveling that is occurring right before our eyes in black and white. Conspiracy theories be damned. This is really happening. The Light is making Itself more aware. Shining on the darkened pockets of our Being.

How we respond in this time sets in motion what it is we really truly want from this existence. What would be truly new in this situation? What choice can I make that lets in more love even as it brings up fear or resistance? Each choice creates a new timeline. A pathway to a new world. One that is not covered in the blanket of fear we have created for ourselves. We are truly infinite creators choosing. Evolution is the energetic consequences of our choices.

As the rising tide of these energies and unfoldings continue, you may begin to feel presses inside and out. Reactions and tugs. Questions and clarities. The frequency they take you can have a big impact on your evolution into the New. These anchored frequencies can be held by unfelt parts of you that are seeking your open-hearted compassion.

I have felt these energies inside myself that are leading to new connections and integrations with myself as I have held them in sacred space over these past few days. It is like a dam is ready to break inside of me and the part of me that has protected me from this event had an existential WTF moment. It is feeling the largess of the time we are in right now and how important it is to show up for all that is coming.

If you feel your dam breaking, or has broken, and are needing some navigation of it all, SoulFullHeart is here to serve that WITH you. To assist you in feeling all the parts that may be feeling a bit lost, confused, or in pain. To help integrate what is moving through you to make the changes necessary to find yourself on your highest emotive and spiritual timeline. These are days of self-love and compassion for all that you are moving through and feeling.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Energy Grid Updates: Your Inner Grids And Gaia’s NEW Grids


Focus on your Inner Grids. I’ve been offered this many times, a repeating message over and over, a Divine loop recording played by DJ Archangel Metatron. The Inner grids are the streams of energy flow that run through your body and your auric field. They are the streams of love too that runs through your emotional body. Focusing on the Inner Grids means that you are conscious and aware of what is going INSIDE, above all else. You are feeling with curiosity and love what your reactions are, what your triggers are, what your responses are to the outside AND what comes up from inside as you connect more with your soul’s stories and your heart’s scenes. You are noticing how these emotional responses impact and effect your energy and your emotional body. These stories and scenes provide SO much information for you about you. They offer a sneak peek into the places of trauma that are often buried deep, tucked away out of mind, out of sight, out of heart.

Focusing on the Inner Grids allows for a sense of trust that Gaia’s light grids are doing just fine on their own. Gaia is a very powerful high dimensional planetary consciousness. She is ascending too. She is in process, just as we are on an individual level. Her 3D grid with the familiar model of grid lines and Ley lines seems to be dissolving….I believe this may be what has been called the ‘matrix.’ Dissolving seems to be the best word for what I saw in meditation around this. As the HIGH frequencies of love and light come into Her atmosphere, they are dissolving the holographic 3D grid that feeds on fear and lower vibrational energies. The fear-based Star BEings (some Reptilians) that used this grid are letting go of it, unable to hold on as it slips through and out of their reach. They are being pressed into choosing love or fear with Gaia’s ascension, needing to make a clear choice if they want to come along. I wrote more about that here:

I was shown a temporary fourth dimensional grid system. Temporary because it is a bridge from the old to the NEW. The 4D grid system was swirling energy lines, curving, and swerving. This seems to fit with the transitional, alchemical purgatory of Dark Nights and Light Days that our world is undergoing right now and so many souls are experiencing on the awakening path. I have heard other teachers/healers offer that 4D is almost ‘all’ evil or dark, yet I don’t feel it this way. 4D to me is actually a very catalytic and dynamic transitional consciousness where SO many lights are turning on even as false ones are being turned off, which can be a quite painful process for awhile.

There is much ‘ash in the air’ with fourth dimensional consciousness, but that doesn’t make it evil. I don’t feel there is any REAL evil….only degrees and levels of embracing fear or embracing love. Most BEings are a combination of both with openings and closings that allow for more opening to love or more coming from fear depending on where their consciousness is coming from and what they are triggered by in the moment. Since ALL BEings are ultimately fractals from Divine Source, NONE can truly be ONLY evil. In the 3D world, we have been so afraid of the dark, of going into our own fears, of SEEing and leading with love into the shadow. We have made extremes and black/white out of this exploration as it plays out in our world because of what is happening in our inner worlds that remains unseen and untouched. Focusing on the Inner Grids is about the reconciliation of your shadow, where it comes from, how it connects to your soul legacy and to this life experiences. As you embrace and heal your own shadow, you no longer project a sense of evil out into or about the world. I write more about 4D consciousness here:

There is a wondrous 5D crystalline grid available for Gaia and for those who are healing the Inner Grids and so then can see it and feel it. This New Earth timeline is manifesting in the moment of choosing love over fear, going within, serving love to self, other, and with the Divine. Those who are not opening UP in these ways, see and create the timeline that they are meant to see and also the grids that they are meant to see and BE with. The 5D grid system seems to be in a sacred geometric pattern that I didn’t recognize right away, yet it FELT familiar to my soul. This grid is energized and created by EVERY soul that is able to tune into as their focus on self healing and transformation clears the veils, heals the wounds, upgrades the DNA, lightens the physical body, and upgrades all the ‘clair’ sensory perceptions.

The familiar ley lines and energy vortexes that we are used to seeing and feeling seem to be shifting too. I was given this sense that ALL of 5D Gaia will contain powerful vortexes of energy and many more activated energy lines. As we connect more with the energy that we ARE, so we can feel this in ANY place, not just special places around the world. Rather than needing to take pilgrimages to Sedona, Arizona or Glastonbury, England, we can go within and experience the New Earth grid system that comes along with us wherever we go. We are vibrating at a high level more often and so don’t need these physical places to activate us anymore, although we might still very much be drawn to visit them for the soul legacy memories and soul bleeds that come through and are triggered from other lifetimes.

A key aspect of the ascension process seems to be anchoring your Inner Grids to your cosmic heart frequencies that open up and vibrate higher as you heal your emotional body. In SoulFullHeart, we offer this connection with the emotional body AND the soul legacy through parts work. Connecting with specific energies and tones as parts of you, loving and BEing with them, allows what has been stuck to move on and to eventually integrate into the WHOLE you. This creates deeper openings in the cosmic heart and more embodiment INfusion of the higher self/soul essence into the physical body too. Anchoring these aspects of you, that have been disowned, into your heart, holding space for them, enlivens and activates the Inner Grids.

Focusing on the Inner Grids, travelling to the Inner Cosmos, and discovering and uncovering the magical mystery tour of YOU. Then, taking this NEW gridwork with you wherever you go, able to see more reflection of it in your life and WITH Gaia as you grow! This NEW gridwork allows you to serve love with others coming more and more from LOVE and with LOVE! 


Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond .

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Emotional Ascension: Saying Goodbye To Say Hello


For those that are awakening to their own soul yearnings, it can be a somewhat bitter sweet experience.  The sweet part is feeling how life is so much grander and limitless than the one you had been previously subscribing to.  Or a least a part of you was.  This part of you, your 3D self, was made necessary to interface in this density to survive and yet also grow.   Different souls have been awake or awakening a long time, while others are just now being popped into it by some special circumstance that may be still a mystery.  Either way you are here and life in 3D, and maybe even 4D, just isn’t jiving with  what you know INside to be what you want or were meant to be.

You can be involved in so many things that are meant to help open up more in your soul domain.  Yoga, meditation, retreats, reading, etc.  And they most certainly do! I know I would not have the context and tools necessary to continue my soul growth if it wasn’t for them.  But as you continue to enlighten your soul, there is also the reality of the Heart. You can only fly so far when you are tethered to an emotional pain.  As much as a part of you would love to transcend or simply release the internal struggle, the truth is it just won’t until we face it with a willingness to feel it.

This can show up mostly in our relationships, or lack thereof.  Relationship to mates, family, friends, work, community, geography, and even ourselves.  The list of our emotional connections is wide and vast.  When you desire to really go ¨all-in¨ to your spiritual ascension you will inevitably be confronted with the reality of these relationships.  If you are to really thrive and be in joy, as your soul really wants for itself and you, it becomes harder to be in the energy that once kept you down.  Kept you small.  Because now you are waking up to your bigness.

Since we are all energy, the energy you find ourselves among has a great effect on your ability to raise it…and for good.  Not just for a brief period of time to get over certain humps.  The hard part is that you may find yourself then realizing that some of those around you may have to be let go of if you are going to truly grow and feel alive.  This includes all possibilities…even your children at some point.  This is not talked about often as there is so much energy tied up in the binds that hold us together.  Whether it be conditioned, familial, or karmic.  The sacred cows of our emotional pasture.

The power of this bind is grounded in fear.  A fear that you will hurt someone irrevocably and the guilt felt by a part of you.  A fear that you will get a harsh reaction and a rejection.   A fear that your self-image will take a big hit.  I remember this all to well in my early process and can feel the same energies if I were to have to complete a relationship that no longer served my growth.  It is a difficult process to enter into but one that ultimately leads to the best for all involved.

IF what you really desire lies beyond what the state of what your current relationships offer, then it is the most integrous and loving thing to do to see where the ground between you and another can deepen or complete.  You get to honor all of what as been between you AND invite for something more.  Otherwise you are just keeping the same energetic tie in the same frequency that no longer brings you the joy you are wanting.  I say this with the knowing that it is not easy to come to these realizations, as I have had to do the same.  I advocate for feeling this as I know what lies on the other side of this most challenging of crucibles for the part of you that is so very attached.

This is a negotiated process that is held in compassion and not just lightly felt.  It is a one-felt-step-at-a-time journey.  Getting to know the part or parts of you that have their own reasons for not wanting to bridge the emotional and spiritual gaps that are currently in your space together.  This is honored and felt.  Your large heart and soul hold the space for this walking through.  As you emerge from these exchanges a freer and more authentic version of you gets to inhabit all those soul gifts you have been accessing and watering.  You begin to take flight with a more healed heart and a new timeline that will hopefully include the ones you had to cut ties with as they too see what growth you are expressing.  In that way you have just made some quantum effects.

This was inspired by all those that have been moving through these crucibles and those that are in the midst of them.  It was also inspired for those who are feeling the struggle within and can sense change is on the horizon as you can no longer stay in the status quo any longer.  I honor all of the choices as ones that are meant for this moment as they lead us to the very next one.  SoulFullHeart is here to offer the heart space to make these epic changes a bit more sane and with as much love as you can possibly let in.


Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual teacher, men’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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Premise 3: Going Beyond The Body-Mind Reality

By Raphael Awen


Welcome aboard day three of the SoulFullHeart Magical Mystery Premises tour.

We only have two days sailing behind us and already it feels like so much more. Jump right in though if this is your first day, you can complete the circuit when and if you want to anytime.

A sightseeing tour is a really good analogy for what we’re doing together in these 21 days.

SoulFullHeart is a way of life and I’m offering 21 scenic tour vistas seen through each of our premises allowing you to essentially window shop to see if this truly warrants any more of your time, attention, or money.

There’s no charge to take this tour, but to actually enter and experience the territories we’ll be looking at each day will undoubtedly cost you. If your heart is truly hungry and ready, the cost will be something joyous, even as it is also sorrowful at times. But, it’s only at the point of buying something from someone that the real transaction or exchange occurs. Don’t mistake browsing for buying. Choice and transaction in this way with the resource of your choosing is no different than in the material world.

So here’s the third SoulFullHeart premise called the Nature Of Reality Premise:

“SoulFullHeart invites you to be open to a different picture than the body-mind reality, which is that everything is made up of energy; time/space/money are illusionary; everything is sourced from Infinite Love; and our innate nature is both dual and nondual.”

This premise if we are able to open it out together today will be nothing short of mind blowing.

Like setting out on a whale watching tour, there is no guarantee of actually seeing any whales and many days a whale watching tour must settle for being a ‘whale looking’ tour. I honour that what we see together will be a combined effort of what you and I choose to see, intend to see and are ready to see. It’s a co-created reality.

However, we have something big in our favour. We’re going to be looking at the idea of consciousness expansion today, and to do that, we’ll need an expanding consciousness just to get in the door. Consciousness itself likes being taken in and noticed. It’s like feeling the whales under the boat reluctant to surface until they can sense your reverence, respect, and awe, but when they do, watch the splendour unfold.

In this way, we draw this out together. I’m not responsible alone to put on any show. We do it together if there’s enough trust and desire between us, as well as resonance with what is. I feel part of me rest as I say that, and it felt both important to say as well as a portent of things to come in the rest of this tour together.

Now that we’ve got our seats, let’s dig in.

This premise begins with an invitation and that’s important because we are all grounded in a current way of seeing the world. The invitation is to look at another way of seeing the world, but of course, we can only do that through the lens we have. We can’t shatter this current lens in order to pop on a new one, and nor should we, we’d blow all of our circuits. It’s an invitation to see as much as you can and to then trust that what you were able to see was perfect, and that you were changed just by the act of truly looking. It’s an ongoing and never ending process because we actually live in an infinite reality picture.

Let’s talk now about the body-mind reality. ‘Body-mind’ is, in the way I’m referencing it today, a way of relating to life, that in turn ‘creates’ your world. Body-mind is seeing the world through the five sense reality only of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound. ‘It’s real as long as I can sense it with the five senses’ is the powerful reality shaping mantra. Now, I know that isn’t your mantra or you wouldn’t be drawn here, but it is so deeply embedded in the world you were raised in, and the world you live in, every day, day in and day out. Body-mind reality has a powerful energetic pull that can be described as a gravitational pull that holds an order of things and an entire crystal clear cosmology out in front of you.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. It’s the results that count. Rome wasn’t built in a day. And on and on the sayings go. They form part of the outlying edges or borders of this perceived reality. If you are a more porous individual, you even add in some esoterics into the picture to make it bearable, but you have yet to actually ever escape the power of this matrix.

Body-mind in its essence is a wave form frequency of a specific bandwidth. As we are energy, as we’ll explore further today, we are totally susceptible to the frequencies we currently have dialed in on our receivers, and then we go on to rebroadcast those same frequencies contributing to the strength of the body-mind collective-consciousness reality. Now, to use another metaphor, it’s no longer us that is online doing the browsing, but rather the prevailing collective consciousness, or the computer itself that is doing the browsing. We are now essentially controlled around all the things that really matter with just enough free choice to keep the blinders in place. ‘Would you like fries with that?’ It’s now a false projected reality that we are co-creating because create is what we do. It’s what we are.

Everything around us is energy in motion, a frequency band manifesting as what we see and experience as matter. It isn’t real as we’ve understood five sense reality, and, at the same time, it is real on another plane, but it’s real reality can only be seen through a new lens that is the new plane.

Let’s look at money to help us grok this. Money isn’t real. It’s a thing we co-created collectively and is only real because of our agreement around it that we reinforce every day by our relationship and interaction with it. Money is actually nothing more than a means of exchanging value, or energy, or ultimately love. But it seems so crazy real! My focus on money, my need for money, my future money, my lack of money, and on and on. ‘I must secure the money, and then I will consider what other things I want in life’ is the energy that holds so many people. Money in this way is possibly the most powerful prison-forming matrix ‘thing’ that holds us in its clutches all of our days. And it’s nothing but energy!

Money is energy. I am energy. You are energy. Energy always flows. All the things you like and don’t like about your life are energy flows. The computer you are looking at and the chair you are sitting on are nothing more than energy manifesting in a specific form true as ever to the frequency they broadcast at.

Money as real from within the five sense reality is an illusionary reality. If you want to break the powerful hold money has upon your life, you must recognize that it isn’t money itself, but rather how you see money, or more accurately, the lens with which you are looking at money, specifically the body-mind.

Time is also another powerful illusion. The ‘realities’ of past, present, and future are held together by our collective body-mind reality-creating relationship to time. How cool would it be to flip the table here and instead see that time itself is the illusion and we get to use that illusion of time to our benefit. Healing anyone?

Space is another one. As energy, we are essentially living in a holographic projection that energy is creating giving us the magical illusion of space. It’s like going to the movies, except you ARE the movie.

If you’re like me, you are feeling really itchy about now. You can smell something big, but you can’t grasp as much of it as you want to. These are things to be lived into. The conditioned world doesn’t give way in a moment…..we instead live our way in a discovery process, that again, has no ending or destination, just like the Isness from where we come.

Here the saying ‘It’s not the destination that counts, but the journey’ needs to be revised to something like ‘ultimately, there is nothing but the journey, forget any destination other than simply being on the journey.’

This so resonates with us all, every last one of us, every last expression of energy ALL being God. Yes, including evil. It’s all Infinite Love out seeking to know itself in an infinitely unknowable reality.

All is Infinite Love expressing as infinite possibility, and nothing else matters.

Now, we see how we are both, like God, rooted in both duality and non-duality. We are playing with the duality in things like more or less money, things we prefer and don’t prefer, health is better than sickness, etc., all as a dance of Infinite Love energy that wants to come to know itself in all of its infinitely possible expressions.

When I feel all of this, my sense of the distance I’ve covered in my growth or my healing, though important to a part of me who still needs and relates to some form of measurement, gives way to the silliness of trying to measure anything in an infinite picture. 1/2 of infinity is still infinite.

And that is why I can resonate and be nourished with someone who is simply on the same path, regardless of their progress on the path. It’s sharing the same infinite path, me where all progress is immeasurable. The path affords us a processing and transactional ground for our relationship. Outside of the path, however, our frequencies have nothing but static. I can and do love the person not on my path, but I don’t attempt to transact very far with that person.

That’s already true for every relationship you and I currently have. It’s the resonant frequency band that literally holds it together.
Change the frequency and you change everything.

Okay, that’s enough for today, isn’t it? Talking about infinity can go on forever.

I want to close today by welcoming your inquiry into how The SoulFullHeart Way of Life healing process and I can serve your healing process. If you are a man, I would so love to be in an energy exchange with you providing we both resonate with each other. And if you are a woman, my beloved Jelelle would love to connect with you around beginning the process. Check out our sessions page for more info, and let’s simply get on Skype together to talk about it. Tell me what’s real for you.

I also welcome and deeply take to heart any donation you feel to give in support of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. You can find our donate button on our home page at Nothing gets my attention quite like an email from PayPal, saying ‘You’ve got money.’ 🙂

Until tomorrow and day 4, be well in your unfolding journey. And remember, there is nothing to count, there is only journey.

Raphael Awen is co-creator and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information.